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Class Schedule: MWF 9-10 R-215 Office hours: 10:00 MWF & by appt.

Catalog Description: Capstone experience for English BA majors. Students will assemble a portfolio demonstrating integration of knowledge, skills, and concepts from their major program. Research project and a paper. Prereq.: registered English major; 300 ; 331 , 332 , or 333 ; a minimum of 10 additional credits in English; senior standing. 3 Cr. F, S.

Texts : James Seitz, Motives for Metaphor: Literacy, Curriculum Reform, and the Teaching of English (Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, 1999).

William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Coriolanus , (New American Library) edited by Reuben A. B rower

Rich, Adrienne, Adrienne Rich's Poetry and Prose, (Norton Critical Edition) edited by Barbara dn Albert Gelpe

Joseph Conrad. Heart of D a r k ness : An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds and Sources, Criticism (Norton Critical Editions) edited by Robert Kimbrough.

Goals/learning objectives for students in the B.A. in English:

a) Ability to perform as a reader and writer to analyze, synthesize, and interpret texts through sensitivity to vocabulary and language, tone, imagery, point of view, and socio-historical context.

b) Ability to frame and effective written response, argument, or exposition that is appropriate for a particular purpose, audience, situation, and authorial role.

c) Familiarity with a broad range of the literature in English, as appropriate to each major program, in terms of its integrating traditions and its diversity.

d) Critical perspectives and methods: ability to respond with understanding to works that embody behaviors, values, and viewpoints that are unfamiliar and familiar to the student as reader and writer.

e) Awareness of the disciplinary frameworks, terminology and theoretical and critical issues in English Studies.


1) Monday 9/11: Reflection paper on your major program and what you want to be able to do with it.

2) Friday 9/29: Reaction paper on Motives for Metaphor.

3) Friday 10/16: Critical / Research paper * on Coriolanus.

4) Friday 11/6: Critical / Research paper * on Yeats.

5) Friday 11/6: Critical / Research paper * on Heart of Darkness.

6) Portfolio: To include-Course/program reflection paper, revisions of 2 of the Critical/Research papers, revision and commentary of a major paper project from a significant course in your program, portfolio assessment.

*Critical papers are up to 5 pages; Research papers are 10-15 pages. You need to do at least one research paper.


Portfolio: 50%

Research paper: 15%

Critical papers: 10% each

Reaction paper: 10%

Participation: 15%

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