2003 English Department External Review Self-Study



An A paper is one which would move your instructor and the best members of your class to admiration. It implies not only that the essay is virtually free of errors but that it makes its point clearly, logically, and gracefully. An A final grade is the product of work of consistently high quality and occasional brilliance.


A B paper reveals effective performance of the assignments. The essay is clear and logical but with perhaps some small problems in coherence or development and without the stylistic grace of the A paper. It has no more than an occasional error in spelling, sentence structure, diction, usage, or punctuation.


A C paper indicates that you have performed the assignment adequately but usually with some problems of clarity, logic, support or documentation, grammar, mechanics, and spelling. Improvement is desirable, but you should remember that a C grade does indicate average college work.


A D paper reveals a failure to perform the assignment adequately or to overcome some problems pointed out in previous themes. The D paper only partially fulfills the requirements of the topic, and it usually has a significant number of errors in spelling, sentence structure, usage, dicion, and punctuation. When you receive a D, you are being given a warning that you must improve.


An F paper indicates gross failure at carrying out the assigned topic. An F grade may also be given to students who make frequent errors or those who consistently fail to seek out help and correct their indiscretions. It is, of course, a failing grade.
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