2003 English Department External Review Self-Study


The self-study team, Bob Inkster, Judy Dorn, and Suellen Rundquist, would like to thank the following people for their assistance with this project:

Barb Gammon, Carol Fish, and Sue Gill, office support and institutional research; Chris Inkster, Learning Resources Services; Office of Career Services; and all of the individual English Department faculty members who took the additional time from their schedules to supply data and ideas to this project.


Self-Study compilation: Judy Dorn

Cost and Fiscal Management: Robert Inkster

General Education report: Philip Keith

English 191 assessment: Cindy L. Moore, Composition Director, and Tim Fountaine

Writing Center Report: Frankie Condon, Write Place Director

Bachelor of Arts report: Judy Dorn

Creative Writing Program report: Bill Meissner

Rhetorical and Applied Writing report: Donna Gorrell

Bachelor of Science and Graduate Program reports: Chris Gordon, Graduate Director

TESL reports: James Robinson, Director, ESL program; Marya Teutsch-Dwyer, IEC Director; Julie Condon, College ESL Coordinator

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