Utility/Mechanical Emergency/Miscellaneous Incidents

If a mechanical or utility failure -- which may include but not limited to a stuck elevator, gas fumes, other odor, etc.-- creates an emergency situation:

  • Call 911 and/or SCSU Public Safety (320-3333)
    • State Emergency
    • Give exact location of emergency.
  • Activate the fire alarm if an immediate evacuation is necessary.
  • Proceed to the Evacuation Area.
  • Help those needing assistance move to the evacuation area or a safe area in the building.
  • Report the roll count of employees, if applicable.
  • Report the location of anyone left in the building.
  • Stay away from the building until an “all clear” is given by the Fire Department, SCSU Public Safety or other recognized authority.

If the failure does not warrant a complete evacuation of an area or building and does not pose an immediate threat or hazard to personnel in the area:

  • Contact Facilities Management (308-2266 – business hours) and (308-3166 – after business hours).
  • Contact SCSU Public Safety (308-3333 24-hours a day).

Miscellaneous Incidents

Loss of power, utilities, and mechanical failures can be caused by a number of natural and man-made disasters. Buildings are equipped with an emergency power source that supplies the emergency lights, exit lighting, emergency telephones, and the fire alarm system. To minimize the effects of a utilities incident:

  • Turn off or unplug electrical equipment in use when the power went off in your immediate area. This includes computers, calculators, radios, desk lights or any other equipment that can be shut down.
  • Contact Public Safety, 308-3333.
  • If you are advised to leave the area, follow your evacuation route and wait at the assembly area for further instructions.
  • Leave at least one light switch on so you know when the power is restored.
SCSU Student at Blue Light Emergency Station
  • Emergency Numbers

911 Operator

St. Cloud Police Dept

SCSU Public Safety

Star Alert Wireless Emergency Notification
Emergency Notification Registration

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