Tornado/Severe Weather

If there is a tornado/severe weather warning signal – a steady tone of 3 minutes –  proceed to the nearest shelter area – see building/floor evacuation routes and shelter areas indicated on floor plans posted in each campus building and:

  • Take cover immediately.
  • DO NOT use telephone to obtain further information – keep phone lines open. Authorities will broadcast available information on radio and television.
  • Take leadership and assist others as you move to shelter areas.

General Guidelines in Case of Tornado:

  • Be familiar with location of buildings that are designated or can be used as a shelter.
  • Keep away from doors and windows.
  • DO NOT remain on top floor of any multi-story building.
  • Restrooms, stairwells and interior hallways are good shelters; basements are best.
  • If you become trapped in your office or a building, stay away from windows and crawl under any sturdy object, such as a desk or conference table, and protect your head and eyes.
  • If you cannot hear warning signal in a building, report and/or call SCSU Public Safety (308-3333).
SCSU Student at Blue Light Emergency Station
  • Emergency Numbers

911 Operator

St. Cloud Police Dept

SCSU Public Safety

Star Alert Wireless Emergency Notification
Emergency Notification Registration

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