Medical Emergency

In the event of an accident or illness that results in an emergency:

Dial 911 and give:

  • Your name and phone number.
  • Building/campus location and room number.
  • Provide complete information concerning the nature of the accident or illness and the condition of the victim(s)
  • DO NOT move any injured or ill person unless life-threatening circumstances dictate.  Make the injured or ill person comfortable until emergency personnel arrive.
  • DO NOT give the injured or ill person any medications other than their own. The person must provide at least verbal authorization.

Call SCSU Public Safety (308-3333) to also respond and assist.

NOTE: Some behaviors may appear to be drug or alcohol related, but may be due to medical conditions.

SCSU Student at Blue Light Emergency Station
  • Emergency Numbers

911 Operator

St. Cloud Police Dept

SCSU Public Safety

Star Alert Wireless Emergency Notification
Emergency Notification Registration

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