Hazardous Materials

If you encounter a hazardous material spill, leak or situation:

  1. Evacuate the area
    • Initiate your building’s emergency evacuation plan.
    • Use the fire alarm if there is an immediate hazard and the entire building needs to be evacuated, or notify those in the affected area if only a partial evacuation is needed.
    • Shut off electrical equipment if possible and if it is safe to do so.
    • Proceed to emergency exits; DO NOT use elevators.
    • Help those needing assistance.
    • Stay up-wind and uphill from any hazardous vapor, gas or liquid.
  2. Report the spill
    • Call 911 and/or SCSU Public Safety (308-3333)
    • State the emergency.
    • Provide your building address ( see CAMPUS MAP/BUILIDNG ADDRESSES) and exact location in that building.
    • Report any known injuries.
    • Report the name, description and amount of material spilled, if known.

DO NOT go back into an area where a chemical spill has occurred. 

SCSU Student at Blue Light Emergency Station
  • Emergency Numbers

911 Operator

St. Cloud Police Dept

SCSU Public Safety

Star Alert Wireless Emergency Notification
Emergency Notification Registration

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