Tokyo, Japan - Daito Bunka University Exchange

A truly metropolitan university open to the whole world...

This program is ideal for students wanting to learn Japanese and who are seeking an East Asian Studies minor or emphasis. SCSU's exchange agreement with Daito Bunka University in Japan provides an opportunity for up to two SCSU undergraduate students to study at this university in Tokyo.


Daito Bunka has two campuses. Japanese classes for exchange students are held on the Higashi-matsuyama campus, which is about one hour from Tokyo. The other campus, Itabashi-ku, is about 25 minutes from central Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the world's most perplexing cities. In many ways, Tokyo is something of a modern-day utopia. Trains run on time; the crime rate is hardly worth worrying about; shops and vending machines provide everything you could need (and many things you never thought you needed) 24 hours a day; the people wear the coolest fashions, eat in fabulous restaurants and party in the hippest clubs. It's almost impossible to be bored here and first-time visitors should be prepared for a massive assault of the senses - just walking the streets of the hyperactive city can be an energizing experience.

Academic Program

Daito Bunka University provides an opportunity for students to take classes in English with a specific, but not exclusive emphasis on SCSU’s East Asian Studies Program and the Japanese language. Courses are taught in English and will be taken with other international students. Students must maintain a full-time status by taking 12-15 credit hours per semester. Students will take courses in Japanese grammar, reading, writing, speaking, culture, and/or Kanji (written characters). After arriving at the university, students will take a placement test and interview to determine the appropriate class level. If the student displays a command of the Japanese language, then he or she may attend regular classes offered by the university. Daito Bunka will provide an official transcript of credits earned by each exchange student for the purpose of determining transfer of credit to the home university. SCSU students will be required to take beginning Japanese language courses as part of the exchange program.

Living Accommodations

Housing arrangements for students will be facilitated by Daito Bunka. Students will stay at the DBU International Students' House. Each apartment has its own bathroom and kitchen facilities, as well as cooking utensils, refrigerator, microwave oven, televisions, desk, and bed. Students will stay with other international exchange students. Residence fees will be paid by the student directly to the host university after arrival.


Undergraduate exchange students must have completed at least one year of continuous study at SCSU. No prior knowledge of Japanese language is required. This program is limited to 2 students per term. An interview will be required for placement. All applicants must be in good academic standing and have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5.

Program Costs and Financial Aid

Students pay SCSU tuition fees, but all other applicable fees, including residence and food services will be paid at Daito Bunka University upon arrival. Participating students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the program site at Daito Bunka (including airfare). Costs may vary depending on tuition costs at SCSU and strength of the dollar in the host country.

Orientation and Calendar

Semester Application Deadline Academic Calendar
Fall March 1 Late September - January
Spring October 1 April - July
Academic Year March 1 Late Sept - July (with break)

A pre-departure orientation meeting for the program will be conducted the semester preceding the program.


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