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Come and Study Down-Under!

This semester-long program offers SCSU students an unforgettable cultural and academic experience in the unique setting of Lismore. As a student at Southern Cross University in Lismore, SCSU students will have the opportunity to take classes with Australian students and be taught by Australian professors in a rich and inviting environment.


Lismore is located at the northern point of the region known as New South Wales along the Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by rainforests and beaches, this university is situated in a region known for its unique characteristics. The campus at Lismore is the largest of the Southern Cross Universities with a student population of 6,000 students. As a student you will have access to a modern library, information center, and computer labs in addition to other services.

Academic Program

As an international student at Southern Cross University, you will have the ability to register for any of the courses offered on campus that semester on a space available basis and providing that you meet all pre-requisites of the course that you select. Southern Cross University offers a large variety of courses such as Arts/Humanities, Business & Computing, Education, Criminal Justice, and Travel and Tourism, etc. Many study abroad students choose to take the Outdoor Education class, which includes intensive field experiences.

For each semester, 12 credits can be earned by taking 3 courses at the university.  Each course at SCU is worth 4 SCSU credits.  Although you are guaranteed to receive credit for every course taken, each student must work with his or her advisor to get approval before departure for specific degree requirements at SCSU.  You should compile a list of courses and the course descriptions before going to meet with your advisor.

Finding Courses at Lismore:

You can start this process by visiting the resource library at CIS where we have physical copies of the SCU course handbooks. In addition, the College of Business has developed an outline of SCU courses and their equivalents at SCSU. If you have any questions about how to find courses at SCU, please contact the Center for International Studies. Southern Cross University course information is available on-line at The credits that you earn at Southern Cross University will transfer back to St. Cloud State University.

Living Accommodations

Students will live in university sponsored housing in an apartment setting with 3 to 5 international roommates. Each student has their own bedroom and shares kitchen, bathroom, and living facilities.


Applicants must be currently degree-seeking students. All applicants must be in good academic standing and must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.8. At least sophomore standing is required by the time of departure. This program is available to students from other universities.

Program Costs and Financial Aid

Students pay a comprehensive program fee which is set, in part, according to the cost of living and academic fees at St. Cloud State University for one semester. This includes tuition, housing, round-trip transportation, visa fees, and program administration costs. Meals are not included in the comprehensive program cost; therefore students will be responsible for purchasing meals or preparing their own meals. Personal expenses such as extra travel, books, and passport fees are not included. All financial aid is available to students on this program. Financial Aid is applied to your program following the regular schedule for that semester as determined by the Financial Aid Office. The comprehensive fee is subject to change without notice. The program fee is never prorated nor is any part refundable.

Orientation and Calendar

Semester Application Deadline Academic Calendar
Fall Semester March 1 June - October
Spring Semester October 1 February - June


A pre-departure orientation meeting for the program will be conducted the semester preceding the program. In addition there will be orientation meetings upon arrival at Southern Cross University.


"During the first few weeks of classes we formed new friendships with other students from different areas of the world. I had created a good base of friends from all over the U.S. and Europe, of which we all connected with. We all had a unique type of friendship and a sense of understanding."
Jared Smith

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