Ingolstadt, Germany: Hochschule (Business)

Practical instruction and applied research.

The International Business Program in Ingolstadt is done in collaboration with the Hochschule, a technical university in Ingolstadt offering international business courses in English. The International Business Program is an outstanding way to take German courses for your business language requirement, required/elective courses for a business major/minor, and to add an international study abroad experience to your résumé.


Ingolstadt, a city of 115,000, is about 50 miles north of Munich on the banks of the fabled Danube River. It features a thriving and dynamic industrial center, a myriad of cultural offerings, and attractive surroundings. Modern change has hardly altered the layout of the town – Ingolstadt’s historical streets still serve as a commercial center for shopping or sightseeing. It has seven museums, active theater, and beautiful parks, along with its main industries of oil refining and auto manufacturing invite students to experience both the old and the new aspects of Ingolstadt’s culture.

Academic Program

Students enrolling in the Business Program in collaboration with the Hochschule will be able to take a combination of courses in the German language program and in Business. The courses include: European Union, Marketing, Management, Management Information Systems, Intercultural Communications.

The SCSU/Hochschule Ingolstadt Business Program is open to pre-business or business students. The program is especially suitable for International Business majors as several of the courses offered are required for completion of the major. Plus the intense study of German contributes to that major’s foreign language competency requirement.

Students in other business majors are also urged to consider this program as an excellent way to add an international study experience to their résumé. Depending on the specific major, one or more of the courses offered may be used to meet requirements of the major, with others transferring as university electives. If you have any questions about transferring credits back to SCSU, please see your major advisor, and/or visit with Diane McClure, email: in CH 229.

Living Accommodations

Housing will be arranged with the host institution.


To participate in the Business Program, students must have a grade point average of 2.65 at the time of application and departure. Students must also have been in attendance at SCSU for at least one year prior to attending the program. A committee of directors and instructors will review the applications and make final decisions on selection of participants. This program has limited space available.

Program Costs and Financial Aid

Students pay a comprehensive program fee which is set, in part, according to the cost of living and academic fees at St. Cloud State University for one semester. This includes round-trip transportation, some German instruction and program administration costs. Housing costs are paid through the host University. SCSU Tuition and fees will be added to the program fee. Non-resident students are charged the difference between resident and non-resident tuition. Personal expenses such as extra travel, room, food, books, visa, and passport fees are not included. All financial aid, except work-study, is available to students on this program. Financial Aid is applied to your program following the regular schedule for that semester as determined by the Financial Aid Office. The comprehensive fee is subject to change without notice. The program fee is never prorated nor is any part refundable.

Orientation and Calendar

Semester Application Deadline Academic Calendar
Fall March 1 September - end of December
Spring October 1 March - July


A pre-departure orientation meeting for the program will be conducted the semester preceding the program. All orientation programs are mandatory. In addition, there will be additional orientation meetings upon arrival in Ingolstadt.

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