Housing Concerns and Preparation


If you are living on-campus and will be leaving during the school year you will need to cancel your housing contract for the semester you are out of country. This must be done with the Housing Office. If you plan to live on-campus upon your return to SCSU, you will need to fill out a housing contract through the Housing Office. CIS can assist in mailing you the contract to your overseas address.


The Great Room Swap!! CIS attempts to assist students living off-campus in connecting with one another to sublease and share rental agreements. Below, and in the resource room (Lawrence Hall 110), we have a renter and subleaser chart where students can list and search for open rooms. If you see a listing that interests you please stop into our office or send us an email at educationabroad@stcloudstate.edu to get contact details. If you would like your information listed, please email us at educationabroad@stcloudstate.edu.

Currently, no listings are available. Please check back for information relating to spring semester.

Subleaser Wanted

Dates Location Price Other


Needs a Place to Live

Dates Request Price Range Gender


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