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Japanese Language Program

A 6-week Summer Intensive Japanese Lanuguage Program is also available.

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A comprehensive, liberal arts university ...

SCSU has an exchange agreement with Seinan Gakuin University in Fukuoka, Japan. This program provides an opportunity for SCSU students to take classes with a specific, but not exclusive, emphasis on SCSU's East Asia Studies Program.


The city of Fukuoka is located in Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's islands. The city has a population of 1.3 million and boasts a very efficient public transportation system. Fukuoka is known for its energetic, youthful atmosphere with its 11 universities and 70,000 students. Beautiful mountains and the glimmering sea surround the city.

Academic Program

Participating students will take a total of 16 credits (units) per semester. In addition to language and cultural studies, undergraduate courses are offered in the areas of theology, law, literature, commerce and economics. Post-graduate courses are also offered in law, business administration, literature, and economics. Japanese language courses are offered at all levels. All classes, with the exception of the language class, are taught in English.

Living Accommodations

Students participating on this program will be housed in low-cost apartments within The International Division, located a short walking distance from the university. Short-term homestays may also be arranged.


The students must have completed at least one year of continuous study at SCSU. No prior knowledge of Japanese language required. An interview with the East Asian Studies Committee will be required for placement.

Program Costs and Financial Aid

Students pay SCSU tuition and fees, but all other applicable fees, including field trips, books, on campus insurance, and rent will be paid at the host university. Food, transportation, and other travel is the responsibility of the student.

Possible JASSO Scholarship is available for eligible students.

Orientation and Calendar

Semester Application Deadline Academic Calendar
Fall March 1 Late August - Late December
Spring October 1 Early Jan - Mid May
Summer February 1 Early July - Early August
Full Academic Year   Late Aug - Mid May


A pre-departure orientation meeting for the program will be conducted the semester preceding the program.


"A comprehensive, liberal arts university consisting of six departments with twelve divisions, known for its tradition of vitality, magnanimity, and international outlook."

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