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Alnwick Extras

Student Experiences


Listen to a podcast about the England program.


Alnwick on the BBC

The students of the Summer 2006 planned, produced, and filmed a great production in cooperation with the BBC's 30 days, 30 communities project. This was aired on the BBC on Oct 9th, 2006. View the film...


Explore the Castle

Learn more about castle at the Official Alnwick Castle Web site.

Alnwick, England brochure


Student Profiles:Ally


Read about Ally's experiences on the British Studies program.



Read about Anna's experiences on the British Studies Program.anna

Once upon a time I lived in a castle . . . and it changed my life forever.

The purpose of the British Studies Center in Alnwick, England is to give students an opportunity to spend a semester in a culture different from their own. The program is designed to expose students to new values, customs, and outlooks and to give them an understanding of life in Great Britain. By living within the walls of a medieval castle and study Great Britain both inside and outside the classroom, students gain a historical and contemporary perspective on British life. At the same time, students can make normal progress toward completion of their degree.


Alnwick, a town of approximately 7,500 people, is located forty miles north of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and ninety miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland. The Percy family castle forms part of the walls of the city of Alnwick. To the west of the castle lies the Aln River and beautiful rolling countryside. The rich history of the area is evident in the numerous castles and abbeys that lie within a short distance of Alnwick and gives exciting evidence of the long and colorful history of the area. The friendly atmosphere of the town enables SCSU students to immerse themselves in the British lifestyle.

Academic Program

The British Studies Center in Alnwick is a branch campus of St. Cloud State University.  All courses carry SCSU credit and you may earn credit towards your major, minor or general education program.

Classes are team taught between two SCSU faculty members who accompany the group and local British professors. Classes are held in the castle and attendance is required. Students must register for at least 15 credits (12 summer), and no more than 18 credits per term.

Students may enroll for the fall semester program, the spring semester program or the eight-week summer program. Since the faculty on these programs rotate every term, so do the course offerings.

Learning outside the classroom is an important feature of study abroad where social, cultural and economic information regarding Great Britain is plentiful. Students and faculty are encouraged to become aware of this information and try to understand its meaning. The program's schedule has been designed to facilitate experiential learning. The group will participate in weekly Friday fieldtrips and a five-day trip to London as a part of the program fees. A commitment to intercultural learning is important for success abroad.

Living Accommodations

Students and faculty reside in Alnwick Castle. Dating from the middle ages, the castle is a large complex of towers, a chapel, a library and two museums. SCSU students and faculty occupy only a portion of the facility. The Duke of Northumberland resides within the castle. Dormitory rooms in the castle accommodate 1-5 students. There is a supplemental charge for a single room. To keep expenses low, students must commit themselves to a certain amount of work, such as cooking and cleaning. This work is usually done in teams. Homestays are also a part of the fall and spring semester programs and are an excellent way of learning about the host culture.


Participants of the British Studies program must have completed at least one semester at an accredited university. The most important criterion for admission to this program is your own desire to learn about the host culture both in and outside the classroom.  You must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 at the time of application and departure.

This program is available to students from other universities.

Program Costs and Financial Aid

Students pay a comprehensive program fee. This is set in accordance with prevailing on-campus costs. The program cost includes room, board (while classes are in session), round-trip transportation, instruction, administration, cultural events, and excursions. SCSU tuition and fees will be added to the program costs.  Non-resident students are charged the difference between resident and non-resident tuition.

Personal expenses such as laundry, extra travel and books are not included. Expenses are approximate and subject to change without notice. Students who withdraw from the program after departure will receive no refund of program fees. All financial aid, including work study, is available to students on this program. Financial Aid is applied to your program following the regular schedule for that semester as determined by the Financial Aid Office. The program fee is never prorated nor is any part refundable.

Orientation and Calendar

Semester Application Deadline Academic Calendar
Fall March 1 August - December
Spring October 1 January - May
Summer February 1 May - August


Students participating on the British Studies program in Alnwick are required to take INTL 101 - Introduction to British Cultures as part of their credit load for the program. This requirement is fulfilled, in part, by attending a mandatory pre-departure orientation meeting, which will take place during the semester preceding the program. In addition, the INTL 101 course may require additional meetings before departure and upon arrival in Alnwick.

Living in a Castle

Watch this video about the British Studies program in Alnwick made by former student, Ethan Wittrock. See what its like to live and learn in the castle and hear what students, faculty and local community members have to say about the program.

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