Other Opportunities Abroad

Intern? Research? Volunteer? Many other opportunities are available abroad!

Whether you are looking to complete an internship, immerse yourself in the academic rigor of

research or give your time and talent through volunteering, many service-learning opportunities are available through outside providers and other Universities' programs. These programs vary in length, dates offered, cost (and what it covers), language, living accommodations, credit, average number of participants per trip and their categories, so it is likely that you will be able to find a program that fits your needs.

When choosing a program from an outside provider, be careful and be wary of companies that are not legitimate. You should also pay to attention to whether or not the program is accredited. To receive financial aid, the program must be accredited. If you need to participate on a program that is accredited, be sure to check to see what the courses offered are equivalent to at SCSU. If you find a program you're interested in, please email the Education Abroad Office to schedule an appointment with our staff to get your questions answered.


Intern Abroad

Interning abroad programs are a once in a lifetime opportunity to take advantage of learning abroad while gaining valuable professional experience.


10 Reasons to intern abroad:

1. Make your resume stand out

2. Discover a new country

3. Receive academic credit

4. Expand your global network

5. Improve your language skills

6. Grow your "soft' skills

7. Gain confidence

8. Prove your can take initiative

9. Develop a global respective and understanding

10. Learn about yourself and discover your personal brand


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Research Abroad

Participating in research-abroad programs is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience rigorous academic research outside the United States


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Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering abroad is a rewarding way to experience the world while giving back to the host country you are placed in.


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