Travel Information

This page will help you find information on how to obtain a passport and visa information. The main U.S. Department of State web site that you will find travel information will be found HERE.

There is also information on hostels and discount travel.

Passport Information:

  • Click on the link for information on how to get your passport.

Visa Information

  • Click on the link for visa information.


  • Click on the link for information on Railpasses

Airline Transportation

  • Click on the link for discounted airlines to use once abroad.


  • Click on the link for websites used by previous students.


Money: Budgeting and Exchanging

  • You should contact your bank and credit card companies before you leave the country and let them know that charges will be coming from overseas.
    • ask these companies if there are any additional surcharges to withdraw money overseas
    • ask about the limit you can withdraw per day or about any other security holds that might cause problems
  • Be careful what kinds of cash machines that you choose to use. International hotels are a good place to find safe ones.
  • Exchange rates often change daily. Check out today's rate.
  • Give a trusted relative or friend access to your account so they can help you if there is a problem.
  • Consider Power of Attorney.
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