Chile LGBT Academic Resources

Chilean Report on the Treatment of Homosexuals

Human Rights/Refugees

  • El Proyecto Desaparecidos - A diverse project involving human rights activists who maintain memory and justice.  It is a place where one has the ability to get to know and remember the victims of hate crimes in Latin America and the world. 

Gay & Lesbian Resources

  • Rompiendo el Silencio . - Revisit virtual focus to the national lesbian community.  Notices, news reports and opinion articles.
  • Solidarity - An international organization focusing on raising awareness on topical issues.


  • Acoso Sexual en Chile/Sexual harrasment in Chile Did you know that Chile does not have legislation on sexual harassment and that therefore the Chilean woman is helpless?  This is a project to create resources for Chilean women. Six years is too long to process this type of law. You will find the perpetrators and their email addresses where you can be heard.
  • Isis Internacional-Chile  An information service and communication of women whose goal is to ensure full participation of women in development processes. Promote networking and information and communication channels for exchanging knowledge and experiences of women from different countries. This non-governmental organization established in 1974, have since 1996 consultative status (category II) to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.
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