Pre-Departure Orientation

Pre-Departure Orientation is mandatory for all Education Abroad participants not only because we go over essential information for travel and safety on the program but also because needed paperwork will be filled out in order to start other processes, such as the visa application and other country specific paperwork.


Materials and More Information:

You will need to request permission for access by emailing


As one of the most important days of preparation prior to leaving on your program, this session is mandatory by the University. The reason this is mandatory is because we need to ensure that all students receive the information necessary to be safe, healthy and secure while studying abroad. Additionally, it is more efficient in a large group to complete necessary paperwork together.


Please invite your parents so that they hear the same information as you.

The morning consists of a combined session for all groups departing the following semester. The afternoon consists of meeting with your individual program group and students who have previously participated, a faculty director will also be present if there is one for your specific program. During this afternoon session, you will have to opportunity to speak with them and have your questions answered.


Pre-Departure Orientation sessions will be:

*The program and Pre-Departure Orientation for summer programs will be held on Saturday, February 14th, 2015. Mark it on your calender!


If you have any further questions or comments concerning your pre- departure orientation please feel free to contact our office.



  • Be sure about your finances. Schedule an appointment to meet with a Financial Aid advisor before you apply.
  • We start to schedule airline tickets, tour companies, etc as soon as the deadline passes. By the time Pre-Departure Orientation begins, you may be financially responsible for some program costs. Be sure that you understand the payment policies.


Planning for Education Abroad

  • Academics and Registration:
    Your Academic Approval form is important for determining course credit upon return from your program. Without this form, Records and Registration cannot award credit for your courses abroad.

    Registration takes place in your e-Services account. You will receive registration information at the pre-departure orientation meeting. Please be sure you do not have a business hold. If the course needs special permission or is not a current course in the course catalog, you will need to fill out an Approval Form – Individual Study located on the Records and Registration website. You will need the professor, department chair, or the Dean’s signatures on this form. This form then needs to be brought to the Education Abroad Office for processing of specific Education Abroad codes.

  • Health, Safety and Security
    This section discusses the importance of Health, Safety and Security while abroad. H1N1 Flu information and Emergency protocol is included.

  • Housing
    We understand finding housing that meets your limited availability needs can be difficult. This section provides information on both on-campus and off-campus housing.
  • Insurance
    There are many different types of insurance to consider while abroad. Health insurance to cover you overseas is mandatory, and is currently covered by SCSU by using the International Student Identity (ISIC) card. There are also other types of insurance to consider including further travel/safety insurance, medical, etc. This section will help you decide what additional insurance you may want to purchase.

  • Staying Connected
    How to stay connected to the St. Cloud State campus and to your family while abroad.

  • Travel Information
    Information about passports, visas, and travel discount information.


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