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Share what you learned with other education-abroad students. Learn how to incorporate your experience into your résumé and job interviews. Reconnect to your home campus and to international initiatives in the area. You can do it all through this education-abroad site, and here’s the best place to start. If you would like to notify us of any events or general information you can email the office at


Re-Entry Assistance

This can be the most difficult time of the education-abroad process and the least prepared for time. One way is to take a look at Craig Storti’s book, “The Art of Coming Home,” for some assistance in this process. If you are looking for ways to help with re-entry talk with the Education Abroad Office and the career services center on the campus to understand how to use the international experience and get connected again on-campus.


Minnesota Re-Entry Conference

The Minnesota Re-Entry Conference happens in the fall each year and is usually hosted by a Twin Cities university. The cost is minimal and the experience is phenomenal. The conference comprises of a one day workshop that provides recent education-abroad returnees with the resources to use their international experiences towards their personal and professional development. The conference is a great way to take your education-abroad experience to the next level. Date, time and location of the conference will be announced by the Education Abroad Office closer to the date of the conference.

Read what past St. Cloud State participants have said...

“The conference exceeded my expectations!”
“I learned valuable information about including my international experience on my résumé and in interviews.”
“It was great to talk with other students who were feeling the same way I am about being home.”
“I was able to network with people I may be able to get a job with in the future.”
“It was well worth my time!”
“I wish more SCSU education-abroad students had taken the time to go to the conference.”



Help with the Education Abroad Fair held every semester in Atwood. Email with your name, program you went on, and your interest in volunteering. You can talk to potential education-abroad participants about your program and experience.


Get Involved On-Campus

Get involved with the International Student Association or Global Horizons (a business student organization with a global focus) to continue your interest in cultural learning. There are cultural nights and cultural programs happening all the time on campus that you can help plan and meet people from all over the world right here on your very own St. Cloud State campus. Get involved!


Former Alnwick Students

Interested in returning to Alnwick? Head back to Alnwick Castle and stay for just 18 pounds per person, per night with the option of food for nine pounds per person per day. Make a reservation at


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