What's Next for My Student?

When your student returns you need to understand that coming home can be more difficult than adjusting to a new culture. It seems like an odd phenomenon, but it is common. Here is a resource for you to consider reading, “The Art of Coming Home” by Craig Storti.


Helpful Tips

  • Your student will also want to share stories. Let him/her to better understand what he/she just experienced.
  • It is common to want your student to pick up life where they left off, but the student is now a different person. Talk with your student to understand the differences. And, understand that it can take months for him/her to understand the differences in him/herself. He/she may not like the same things he/she used to and may have different interests.
  • Encourage your student to talk with the Education Abroad Office and the career services center on the campus to understand how to use the international experience and get connected again on-campus.
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