Funding is often the most stressful part of the education abroad program for the parents. Even more than having the student leave the country.


Financial Aid

Be sure your student is checking with the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible because in some cases students believe they have financial aid availability and they do not have any left for the year. Go to to be as informed as you can be on the financial aid process. The problem of lack of coverage is especially true for summer programs. Financial aid begins in the Fall semester and the final term is summer.  In many cases the student does not have eligibility for the summer because the student has used the entire amount awarded for the year in the fall and spring. Be sure your student fully understands this process.



The entire program needs to be paid prior to departure. Financial aid needs to be accepted prior to departure. If the student does not have enough financial aid to cover the entire cost of the program including tuition, the student will need to pay for the remaining costs (i.e. the costs not covered by financial aid) prior to leaving on the program.


Please see cancellation policies if needed.


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