Do students go with a faculty director or enroll directly in the program?

All of the short-term programs are faculty led. This means that a faculty member has designed the course and the trip specific to the course. Faculty also travel with the group during entire program.

Semester long programs vary. Some have a faculty director who usually teach some of the courses on the program that students will be talking, but not all.

Some of the programs are set up with students directly enrolling into partner universities with St. Cloud State University. At these universities there is an international student office that will conduct an orientation after arrival and will continue to be of assistance to students and other international students.


How will the credits be applied toward my student’s degree and will it take longer to graduate?

Credits taken abroad can be applied to your major, minor, elective, or general education requirements. Prior to departure, students will fill out an Academic Approval Form with their advisers. This form will let students know how credits will transfer back to SCSU (or home university, non-SCSU students). If well- planned in advance, students should be able to use a majority of their credits earned abroad towards graduation. (Many students often fail to do this, so please be sure to remind them to schedule appointments with their adviser to ensure their credits will transfer back and count towards graduation!)


Does my student need to speak a foreign language?

SCSU offers both language and non-language based programs. If the student participates on a program where English is not the native language there will be an introductory language course as part of their program requirement.

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