Faculty Resources

Faculty Director Information

Pre-Departure information for faculty members leading St. Cloud State groups abroad including emergency protocol information and emergency contact information is available from the Center for International Studies. Contact us for more information.


Faculty Forms

Information and forms available from the SCSU Faculty Association:


British Studies Director Forms


British Studies Faculty Forms


Other Program Options for Faculty

This section provides options faculty members have to go abroad without leading an education abroad group.

Faculty Enrichment Programs

New faculty professional development programs enabling faculty who have not traveled abroad to go on a two week seminar program to experience the rich cultural experience our students are experiencing and to focus on their particular discipline in that country.

More information will be available soon about these programs.

Faculty Interested in Working Abroad

You, more than anyone, understand that knowledge doesn’t simply come from a book or from sitting behind a desk. Sometimes, you have to go out and get it. Here are a few ways we can help.

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