Whether it’s in Germany or Japan, Russia or Croatia, your experience in a foreign classroom will prepare you to compete in a global society. Simply put: it is a priceless addition to your resume.

The cost for each program generally includes housing, round-trip transportation, visa fees and program administration expenses. Meals, books, passport fees and extra travel are not included. Program costs are subject to change, check in with the Education Abroad staff to know exactly what you are paying for.


How much will my program cost?

To view detailed costs of each specific program, please visit the Programs section and the specific program's page.


When you go abroad, you will pay similar types of costs that you would pay during a term at St. Cloud State ("tuition" for your program, housing costs, food costs, health insurance, transportation, etc.). However, there are a few additional costs that you may have when learning abroad. Following are some of these costs.

  • $75 application fee
  • Airfare
  • Passport and/or visa
  • Immunizations
  • Personal spending money (travel, etc.)

You can view our cost comparison sheet to compare the costs of going abroad and being on campus. If program costs are unclear, contact for more information. If you are participating in a non-St. Cloud State program, you will need to contact your education-abroad provider for a breakdown of your expenses.


Financial Aid

Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor

If you plan to use financial aid, you need to know exactly what aid you will be able to use for your program, especially if you are going on a summer program. Meet with the Financial Aid Office to discuss your options.

  • Aid does not always breakdown the way you think it should.
  • Aid has maximum amounts and sometimes will not be enough to cover your entire program.
  • You need to take 6 credits in summer to obtain financial aid in summer

Please visit the Financial Aid Office website for more information, or contact their office directly at 320-308-2047 or 1-877-654-7278.


How do I pay for it? The answers to your financial questions.

When do I have to pay for my Education Abroad program?

All program and tuition costs for Education Abroad programs must be met prior to your program leaving, or financial aid must be accepted to cover the total costs of the program including tuition.

Does financial aid apply to Education Abroad programs?

Yes— most financial aid you currently receive, including scholarships, grants and loans, can be applied toward your Education Abroad experience. On some semester-long programs, students are even eligible to have student employment on faculty led programs while they are abroad.

I am not a St. Cloud State student. Can I apply my financial aid to the program fee?

This depends— contact your school’s financial aid office to arrange a consortium agreement. You will also need to provide the Education Abroad Office a copy of your financial aid letter along with the procedures for transferring funds to St. Cloud State. Check with your school's Education Abroad office for other requirements.

What do I do if I need to cancel from the program?

Your cancellation must be done in written form, so you'll need to fill out the Cancellation Form in the Education Abroad Office (Lawrence Hall G08).

Are their cancellation fees if I withdraw?

Students are responsible for paying any unrecoverable costs that have been paid by the Education Abroad Office; this could include airfare, tour costs, visa costs, and any other costs paid out for the program on the students’ behalf. If the student cancels within 60 days of departure, an additional fee of $250.00 will be assessed.

Flights and tour companies are typically purchased three months or more before the scheduled departure date and are often non-refundable. Please look into buying travel insurance for unexpected events which may occur as you are responsible for the airline tickets, tour costs and any other program expenses we have paid out on your behalf after you applied for the program.


SCSU Scholarships

Use the SCSU scholarship search engine to find a scholarships you could be eligible for:


Below are the Education Abroad opportunities that will be found in the Huskies Scholarships search:

  • Charles and Bonnie Graham Scholarship for International Study
  • Edith Jorgensen Memorial Scholarship
  • Hazel B. Hansen International Studies Scholarship
  • William John Wester Memorial Scholarship in British Studies; Alnwick, England
  • Marjorie Deakin Memorial Scholarship; Alnwick, England
  • Brenda Danielson Glatzmaier Memorial Scholarship; Alnwick, England
  • Wallace and Violet Melin Scholarship
  • Hugh Algernon Percy, 10th Duke of Northumberland Scholarship



Education Abroad Office Scholarship

The Education Abroad Scholarship is currently not on the Huskies Scholarships Search, please use the link below.

Education Abroad Scholarship Application


Department and School Specific Scholarships

Herberger Business School and Department of Language and Cultures offer

study abroad specific scholarships.

Also check with your individual department or school/ college and Huskies Scholarships for other scholarship opportunities.


Outside Scholarships

There are many scholarships available through other organizations that can be used to help fund your international study trip. Additional scholarships can be found through our website, internet search engines, and the following:






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