Undergraduate Program

Professional Education Courses for 5-12 and K-12 Licensure

Secondary education and teaching programs prepare people to teach in grade levels 5-12 or K-12.

Students learn to teach a specific subject or a broad set of courses. They also learn to plan lessons and design projects that both motivate and challenge students.

The requirements of major fields of study appropriate for Minnesota teaching licensure in PreK-12 and 5-12 areas are described by the following program areas in the catalog:

Licensure Programs

Pre K-12 Programs 5-12 Programs
Information Media
Foreign Languages
Physical Education
Communication Arts and Literature
Social Studies
Technology Education

Students must first have an adviser in their major subject area and then seek a secondary education adviser in the Department of Teacher Development when they are ready to begin the professional education sequence. See General Requirements section under both Teacher Education and School of Education sections of the catalog for information about the process for applying to be admitted to Teacher Education.

Professional Education Sequence for Pre K-12 and 5-12 Majors (34-37)
ED 300; CEEP 262, 361; IM 422-522; HLTH 301; HURL 497-597; ENGL/ED 460-560; SPED 203;ED 451-551; ED 421-521 and ED 431-531 (co-requisites); ED 466 or 467.  Admission to Teacher Education and a passing score on the MTLE Basic skills tests is required for placement in student teaching.

All professional education courses must be successfully completed (with a grade of "C" or better) prior to student teaching. In addition, students must have the approval of their major department. Student teaching requires full day, full semester commitment of the student teachers. Some major departments require a seminar during student teaching. Application for student teaching is required at least two semesters prior to the semester of student teaching. Information meetings about student teaching are held each fall semester.

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