Undergraduate Programs

Economics is a broad-based, analytic approach, useful in many aspects of life including business and government work. It provides a way of thinking about the world around us, looking at how people transact and the institutions that facilitate transactions. Our students go on to careers in government and business, and a few will go on to graduate schools in economics, law, and business. Economics, as a minor or as part of a double major, provides an excellent complement to other liberal arts majors or in business. We have a well-trained, enthusiastic faculty that is willing to devote time to students outside of class as well as in the classroom. Also, there is an active student Economics Association that is always seeking new participants. In all, we provide a stimulating, informative, and enjoyable environment.

We also have a five-year program for economics majors who maintain a 3.3 GPA and want to earn both a B.A. in Economics and a M.S. in Applied Economics. Please consult our M.S. in Applied Economics graduate director, Dr. Ming Lo, for more details.

If you would like to teach economics in the public schools, the Social Studies Education major prepares students for Minnesota licensure as middle/secondary (5-12) social studies teachers. They also have a Social Studies Club designed for students interested in social studies and/or education.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

The economics concentration is a traditional liberal arts degree providing critical thinking and analytical skills. Majors will prepare themselves for graduate school and professional employment.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics

The business economics concentration provides training in practical problem solving techniques useful in private and public sector decision making as preparation for careers in business, banking, and government.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Economics

This is an interdisciplinary degree offered by the Department of Economics, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The program offers students solid training in economic theory and applications of mathematical, statistical and computational methods in economics and other related areas. It is designed to prepare students for technical/research positions in industries (e.g., marketing, banking, finance, etc.), government agencies and other organizations. It will also build a strong foundation for students who are inspired to advance to graduate studies in economics, applied mathematics and statistics and finance engineering.

5 Year B.A./M.S.

The 5-year B.A./M.S. track is a program option available to undergraduates who show the ability and discipline necessary to successfully complete an accelerated combination undergraduate and graduate program in Economics. The track allows a student completing it to receive the BA in Economics and the MS in Applied Economics in 5 years. Students are usually admitted to this track during the sophomore or junior years and are granted early conditional admission to graduate school upon completion of a special undergraduate core program. Students are allowed to take graduate courses prior to completion of the BA and may double-count some credits towards both degrees. For information about the 5-year track, please contact our graduate director Dr. Ming Lo.

Students who are preparing for graduate work in economics are encouraged to take ECON 485 and ECON 486. The following courses are recommended as substitutes for a minor: MATH 221, 222, 312; a one-year sequence of a foreign language.

Internship Program

The internship program of the Department of Economics is designed to give competent, interested students an opportunity to participate in an approved off-campus learning and work situation in an area of interest which relates to the major. The program offers the student a method to relate course work and major requirements to the working world. The program is an extension of the classroom to broaden and deepen the student's understanding of the discipline of economics. See ECON 444 in the course listings. A maximum of three credits may be applied to the elective credits needed in the major program. Any remaining credits apply as general electives toward graduation. Students interested in the internship program should contact the department as early as possible to apply for the program. Please contact our internship director Kristy Modrow for further information.

How do I apply for an economics major?

To be admitted as a major in economics, a student must satisfy the all-university requirements and complete ECON 205 and 206 with a grade of "C" or better in each course. The prospective major should complete ECON 405 and 406 early in her/his major program. The department requires either MATH 112, 115 or 211. The department recommends students intending to do graduate work in economics take MATH 221 and 222 and consider MATH 312 and 321.

You may contact one of our major advisors to apply:

Professor Eric Hampton nehampton@stcloudstate.edu
Professor Lynn MacDonald lcmacdonald@stcloudstate.edu
Professor David Switzer dmswitzer@stcloudstate.edu

How do I complete an economics degree within four years?

Please view our Degree Maps, which indicate how to complete our major within four full-time years.

Degree Map - Businesss Economics
Degree Map - Economics
Degree Map - Mathematics Econimics

Information about our undergraduate courses can be found in our University Catalog.


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