Selected Publications


Selected Publications by Economics Faculty

(* Former/emeritus faculty member; ** Current/former students)

Burdekin R.C.K., K. Banaian, M, Hallerberg and P. Siklos (2011) “Fiscal and monetary institutions and policies: onwards or upwards?” Journal of Financial Economic Policy 3, 340-354.

Banaian K. and B. Roberts (2008) The Design and Use of Political Economy Indicators. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Editor and author/co-author of three papers.

Banaian K., D. Kemme and G. Sargsyan (2008) “Inflation targeting in the Armenian context,” Comparative Economic Studies 50, 421-437.

Banaian K. and M.C. Lo (2006) “Indexing speculative pressure for an exchange rate regime: a case study of Macedonia.”  Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics 10, Article 6.

Bodvarsson O. and B.R. Humphreys (2013) “Customer discrimination, capital Investment and sports stadiums,” Contemporary Economic Policy, forthcoming.

Bao S., O. Bodvarsson, J.W. Hou and Y. Zhao (2011) “The regulation of migration in a transition economy: China’s Hukou system,” Contemporary Economic Policy 29, 564-579.

Bodvarsson O. and J.G. Sessions (2011) “The measurement of pay discrimination between job assignments,” Labour Economics 18, 297-309.

Bodvarsson O. and H.F. van den Berg (2009) The Economics of Immigration: Theory and Policy Heidelberg, Germany: Springer-Verlag. The second edition is in press.

Garcia-Perez M. (2013) “Health care usage and health status of immigrant children”, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, forthcoming.

Garcia-Perez M. (2012) “The importance of coworkers on hiring and wages: A search model on immigrants and natives firms and workers,” Theoretical Economic Letters 2, 389-384.

Hughes P.A. and W. Luksetich* (2009) “Modeling nonprofit behavior” in D. Young and B. Seaman (Eds.) Handbook of Nonprofit Economics and Management: The State of Research. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Press.

Hughes, P.A. and W. Luksetich* (2008) “Income volatility and wealth:  The effect on charitable giving?” Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 37, 264-280.

Hughes, P.A. (2006) “The economics of nonprofit organizations,” Nonprofit Management and Leadership 16, 429-450.

Hughes, P.A. and M. Edwards* (2000) “Leviathan vs. Lilliputian:  A data envelopment analysis of government efficiency,” Journal of Regional Science 40, 649-669.

Kulas, J., M. Komai and P. Grossman* (2013) “Leadership, information, and risk attitude: a game theoretic approach”, Leadership Quarterly, forthcoming.

Komai M., P. Grossman* and T. Deters** (2011) “Leadership and information in a single-shot collective action game”, Managerial and Decision Economics 32, 119-134.

Komai M. and M. Stegeman (2010) “Leadership based on asymmetric information,” Rand Journal of Economics 41, 35-63.

Komai M. and P. Grossman* (2009) “Leadership and group size: an experiment,” Economics Letters 105, 20-22.

Komai M., M. Stegeman and B. Hermalin (2007) “Leadership and information,” American Economic Review 97, 944-947.

Ahmad, Y., M.C. Lo and O. Mykhaylova (2013) “Volatility and persistence of simulated DSGE real exchange rates,” Economics Letters 119, 38-41.

Lo, M.C. (2008) “Nonlinear PPP deviations: a Monte Carlo investigation of their unconditional half-life,” Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics 12, Article 5.

Lo, M.C. and J. Piger (2005) “Is the response of output to monetary policy asymmetric? Evidence from a regime-switching coefficients model,” Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 37, 865-886.

Gai Y. and L. MacDonald (2011) "Impact of private health insurance on prostate cancer screening," The Empirical Economics Letters, 10, 503-509.

Sirmans G.S., L. MacDonald and D. Macpherson (2010) “A meta analysis of selling price and time on the market” Journal of Housing Research 19, 139-152.

MacDonald L. (2008) “The impact of government structure on local public expenditures” Public Choice 136, 457-473.

Sirmans G.S., L. MacDonald, D. Macpherson and E. Zietz (2006) “The value of housing characteristics: a meta analysis” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 33, 215-240.

MacDonald R. and J.J. Siegfried (2012) “Refreshing the Voluntary National Content Standards in economics,” Journal of Economic Education 43, 308-314.

Moghaddam M. and A. Ratha (2012) “A panel estimation of the stochastic frontier gravity model,” Empirical Economics Letters 11, 1-7.

Moghaddam M. and A. Ratha (2011) “Turkey’s trade potential and the EU’s membership–evidence from a panel estimation of the gravity model,” Journal of International Business and Economics 11, 128-133.

Moghaddam M. (2012) “Starving the beast revisited,” Cato Journal 32, 595-604.

Moghaddam M. (2010) “The tax structure of interest rates and the Darby effect – an application of the M-TAR error correction model,” Journal of Applied Business and Economics 11, 55-64.

Moghaddam M. (2010) “Co-integrated money in the Cobb-Douglas production function – evidence and implications,” Applied Economics 42, 957-963.

Moghaddam M. and H. Elich** (2009) “Predicting the incumbent party vote share in U.S. presidential elections,” Cato Journal 29,455-468.

Moghaddam M. and Y. Zhang** (2009) “Sub-prime lending and the choice between fixed and adjustable mortgage rates – empirical evidence from a state market,” Journal of Applied Business and Economics 10, 50-59.

Moghaddam M. and J.E. Jenson** (2008) “On the death of the resurrected short-run Phillips curve:  a further investigation,” Cato Journal 28, 139-145.

Moghaddam M. and B. Momodou** (2008) “The money demand function in a small, open, and quasi monetary economy:  the Gambia,” Applied Economics 40, 731-734.

Ratha A. (2012) “Twin deficits or distant cousins? Evidence from India,” South Asia Economic Journal 13, 51-68.

Bahmani-Oskooee M. and A. Ratha (2011) “Bilateral S-curve between US and Australia–evidence from industry data,” Economic Papers 30, 497-521.

Ratha A. (2010) “Does devaluation work for India?” Economics Bulletin 30, 247-264.

Bahmani-Oskooee M. and A. Ratha (2010) “US-China bilateral S-Curve–evidence from industry data” China Economic Review 21, 212-223.

Walstad, W.B., K. Rebeck and R. MacDonald (2010) “The effects of financial education on the financial knowledge of high school students,” Journal of Consumer Affairs 44, 336-357.

Asarta, C. and K. Rebeck (2012) “Methods of assessment in the college economics course,” in K. McGoldrick and G. Hoyt (Eds.) The International Handbook on Teaching and Learning Economics. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Press.

Asarta, C. and K. Rebeck (2012) “Measurement techniques of student performance and literacy: college and high School,” in K. McGoldrick and G. Hoyt (Eds.) The International Handbook on Teaching and Learning Economics. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Press.

Rebeck, K. and W.B. Walstad (2008) “The test of understanding of college economics,” American Economic Review 98, 547‐551.

Rebeck, K. and W.B. Walstad (2001) “Assessing the economic understanding of high school students,” American Economic Review 91, 452‐460.

Rebeck K. and W.B. Walstad (2001) “Teacher and student economic understanding in transition economies,” Journal of Economic Education 32, 58‐67.

Lang, D.M., D. Switzer, B. Swartz** (2011) “DVD sales and the R-rating puzzle,” Journal of Cultural Economics 35, 267-286.

Switzer D. (2010) “The animated Hotelling Model,” Journal of Industrial Organization Education 5.

Filson D., D. Switzer and P. Besocke (2005) “At the Movies: the economics of exhibition contracts,” Economic Inquiry 43, 354-369.

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