Senior Design 2010-11

Fall 2010

Solar Powered Wireless Mailbox

By: Daniel Obi, Souleymane Yo, Sanja Trajkovska

Description:  The main purpose of this project is to build a wireless solar powered mailbox system that would alert its users of mail presence and current weather conditions. This design would bring a lot of convenience and security to its user in respect to their mail status. With identity theft on the rise, and with mailboxes not undergoing and kind of technological upgrade in recent times, this design seems perfect. The mailbox we would design alerts its user of their mail status, outside temperature, inside temperature (in the absence of mail), and provides an outstanding mailbox security. This product is targeted towards elderly, disabled, and to anyone who is simply looking for an upgraded mailbox system. It would help the user eliminate unwanted trips to the mailbox to find that there is no mail for the day, or the mailman has not come for the day.

Autonomous Tracking Vehicle with Obstacle Avoidance

By: Paul Tran, Francisco Sevilla, Jeremy Patzer, Patrick Hancock

Description: This project’s main goal is to create an autonomous vehicle that can identify, track, and navigate to a moving target, while monitoring its surroundings and maintaining safe operating distances. It was also this projects goal to minimize cost while obtaining the primary goal. It was        concluded that video recognition, acoustic monitoring, and motion             measurement systems would be needed to identify the heading of the     target while the acoustic measurements system delivers distance    information of the targets and obstacles. The motion measurement system will be capable of recording and diagnosing system performance.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

No information available.

Dynamometer Modernization

No information available.

Organic Semiconductors

No information available.

Spring 2011

  • Solar-Powered Pontoon Boat (By: Kelly Meemken, Greg Berling, Alex Kruse)
  • Omnidirectional Vehicle with Obstacle Avoidance Capability (By: Shristi Rijal, Abhinav Dahal, Samridh Shrestha)
  • CAN Data Logger (By: Justin Frymark, Cole Sytsma, Daniel Owens)
  • Residential Grid (By: Tou Vang, Joseph Pascal Kamga, Nick Schubert)
  • Environmental Monitoring Device (EMD) (By: Niranjan Adhikari, Badral Sambuu, Shreeja Dargol)
  • Autonomous Motion Tracking Camera with Infrared support (By: Zech Bertilson, Arin Kunkel, Justin Rumpca)
  • Robotic Painting System (By: Jason Johnson, Adam Schirmacher, Harith Meemaduma)
  • Wireless Vital Sign Monitoring System (By: Justin Brisley, Ayushma Vaidya, Nathan Abfalter)
  • Remote Home Control System (By: Romeo Tchouetckea, Chong Lee, Jason Malchow)


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