Senior Design 1994-95

Automated Control System for the Home Environment

By: Arsalan Akram, Erik Olson, and Renate Strina
Advisor: Dr. J. Higgins

This project is intended to show how a computer could be used to automate several household activities done in everyday life. Some examples of these activities are: opening/closing doors, opening/closing windows, and turning on/off lights or appliances. The basic idea for this project came from work done with a handicapped person. To be more specific, it is a person with cerebral palsy, which is a physical handicap. This condition limits the use of the arms and legs, making it difficult for the subject to perform many household activities.

Correctional Data Interface (CDI)

By: Robert Gfrerer and Joe Dobesh
Advisor: Dr. J. Rankin

This project is an interface between a FM receiver and a Global Positioning System or GPS receiver. The single receiver is able to tell the user their position on the earth by means of satellites.

Digital Gage Card Project Design Document

By: Dean Dunnigan, Tom Phillips, and Jim Schultz
Advisor: Dr. J. Rankin

This is a cost effective ISA Bus Card used to interface an IBM PC, or compatible, to measure gages manufactured by independent companies.

M.I.D.I. Messaging

By: Steve Awiszus, Daniel Christinsen, and Curt Cullum
Advisor: Dr. S. Lekhakul

MIDI Messaging is a product design, which allows the user to communicate ASCII messages and files through MIDI. The design must be rugged because MIDI will be used on a performance stage and will take some abuse.

Telephone Control Device (TCD)

By: Mudassir Naim, Sajjad Hussain, and Ehsan Khan
Advisor: Dr. J. M. Heneghan

The existing TCD will use telephone lines to control varying appliances. The main objective is to enable the user to effectively monitor and control various electrical appliances. This will ensure effective energy consumption.

Video Interface Card for the Macintosh

By: Pete Halter, Marc Swanson and Carol Almquist (Herbes)
Advisor: Dr. J. Higgins

This add-in card for the Macintosh plugs into the NuBus and utilizes a TMS320C30 DSP, SRAM, DRAM and a Hurdler board. The Video Interface Card for the Macintosh accepts a standard NTSC video signal from a video camera or VCR and displays it in a Mindow on the Mac. The Mindow controls allow for resizing the Window and recording the video stream at different quality levels. The frame-rate is approzimately 15 frames per second.

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