Senior Design 1986-87

Interface Between Grass Instruments Polygraph and Data Translation DT2801: A Data Acquisition Board

By: Thomas J. Williams
Advisor: Dr. S. Lekhakul

The Grass Instruments model 7 polygraph consists of a set of high input impedance differential amplifiers, pen driver amplifiers, chart recorder, and chopper-type power supply. These components are all rack mounted, with capacity for 5 separate channels, corresponding to the potential of measuring up to 5 different electrophysiological signals.

Local Area Network Group

By: Jim Anklan, Luke Friendshuh, and Randall Schmidt

An exercise in inter-computer communications consisting of three main parts: Starlan System, Cheapernet System, Transputer System.

Microprocessor Based Hypercube Computer

By: Jim Reinert, and Brian Holthaus
Advisor: Dr. K. Miller

Prototype system, designed primarily for scientific applications, will be expandable to 16 nodes each based on the Intel 80186/8087 processor and numeric co-processor combination. The system host will be an IBM-PC computer.

Overview of the Hypercube Project

By: Gordon Anderson and Robert Penas
Advisor: Dr. K. Miller

A Hypercube is one way of building an inexpensive supercomputer. Its design is based on connecting several smaller computers together and having each microprocessor work on a small part of the big problem. The smaller computers are called nodes, which are located at each corner of a multidimensional cube. A system host controls the hypercube's communication. By dividing the problem into smaller tasks, each microprocessor can work on its individual problem at the same time. Therefore, greatly increasing the speed of calculations.

Programmable Stage-Light Controller Software

By: Gary Lenarz, Ken Kahle, Doug Prigge, and Tom Williams

The Programmable Stage Light Controller (PSLC) is designed to be a flexible and versatile solution to stage lighting. The PSLC is capable of storing ten scenes. Each scene consists of any particular arrangement of ten lights or ten channels.

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