Senior Design 1985-86

Graphics Display Controller

By: Troy Sparks and Mitch Lanz

The Intel 82720 Graphics Display Controller is a faster graphics (controls pixels on the video terminal) controller.

Memory Management Unit for the Commodore 64

By: Todd Corrigan, Roger Jackels, and Mark Wehlage

To design and build a system resource manager for several microcomputers. A system resource manager is a computer used as a controller of a central memory. The goal of our design was to replace the local disk drives and eliminate the need for duplicate floppy disks in a multi-user environment.

Microcomputer-Based Integrate Circuit Tester

By: Rex Kamhung Chow, Tom Oschwald, and Jeong Shin
Advisor: Dr. S. Lekhakul

This project required hardware and software design for an integrated circuit tester to be operated in conjunction with a Sperry microcomputer. The software, written in the C language, was designed to detect logic gate failures in any of the 35 types of 7400-Series LSI integrated circuits. The microcomputer output indicated whether each IC tested was good or faulty.

Part 1: Laser Diode Driver Rise/Fall Time Study
Part 2: Ultra Stable Temperature Control

By: David J. Sternal and Scott A. Kohls

To determine the rise/fall of the current output from a Sharp Model #IR3C01 laser diode driver integrated circuit. This information will then be used to determine how useful these IC's will be in sending high speed binary information via fiber optics.

RMX Operating System

By: Joel R. Goergen and Brian Fischer
Advisor: Dr. K. Miller

The RMX Operating System is a real time, multi-tasking system capable of handling several operations. Basically, a system clock is used to generate and interrupt every so many milliseconds to instruct the processor to process the next task on the list. RMX uses a combination of priority (0-256, zero being the lowest), wait, sleep, and suspended states to decide which task shall be executing at any given instant.

Touch Tone to Voice

By: Steve Albers, Phil Berling, and Paul Voit

Goal is to develop a communication link between the phone lines and any host computer. This communication link will allow a person to call a host computer from any place via the phone lines and receive information that the person specifies by using touch-tones. The ultimate goal is to have the information requested sent over the phone lines by voice-synthesis.

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