Senior Design 1984-85

Armdroid Project

By: Teryl G. Tenter
Advisor: Dr. Bruce Ellis, Dr. Kevin Miller

An 8088 (or better) microprocessor to control the movements, an 8087 coprocessor to do the calculations for the movements, shared memory so the "brain" and "body" can communicate, and all the required peripheral chips to pull it all together are in the Armdroid's next step of progress. In the future it might also be given some form of sensors. It could then "see" what it is doing while learning new routines. The possibilities for Armdroid's life would then become endless.

Manual PAL Programmer

By: Paul F. Markfort, Gilbert Safarian, and Joseph A. Weber
Advisors: Dr. Bruce Ellis, Dr. Kevin Miller

8086-based PAL Programmer

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