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Electrical Engineering Transfer Guidelines

The following guidelines are recommended for students wishing to transfer into the Electrical Engineering program at St. Cloud State University. It should be noted that courses with grades less than 'C' will not be accepted for transfer into the major.

Course Work

Physics: Students should have completed a full sequence (10 semester credits) of calculus based physics with laboratory. It is helpful if students finish their physics sequence before transferring. If your physics classes are transferred, but your calculus classes are not transferred, you will be required to take PHYS 234 and PHYS 235 at St. Cloud State University.

Mathematics: Nine semester credits of calculus are required for admission to the major. In addition, three credits of differential equations are required for the major. Most or all of these classes should be finished before transfer. Differential equations class is not required to be completed before admission to major.

Electrical Engineering - Circuit Analysis: It would be very useful to have students take a semester of linear circuit analysis before transferring. The class should cover DC and transient circuits through RLC circuits. The completion of this course is required for admission to the major. This course may be taken after transferring, but that may delay graduation. We offer Circuits during summer session to help transfer students who have not had the chance to take this course.

General Engineering: One semester (3 credits) of a computer based problem solving class is required for admission to the major. In addition, one semester (3 credits) of Introduction to Engineering is required for admission to the major.

Chemistry: One Semester (4 credits) of general inorganic chemistry is required for admission to the major and recommended for completion before transferring.

General Education: One semester (4 credits) of English Composition is required for graduation and should be taken before transferring if possible.  Minnesota Transfer Curriculum goal areas 1 and 5 through 10 can be completed before transferring to SCSU.  Please consult the department with any questions on general education.  Goal areas 3 and 4 will be satisfied by the major.

Students who complete the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum will have their general education requirements satisfied.

Academic Requirements

Students are required to have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a four point system to take upper division (300-400 level) Electrical and Computer Engineering classes and for admission into the major program. Transfer grade point average will not be counted towards this, however, students with a grade point average less than 2.5 at their original institution should be counseled that their chances for success in the engineering majors is not good. Transfer students will generally not be admitted to the major in their first semester at St. Cloud State University, but may be allowed to take 300 level classes. Performance in all technical classes taken at St. Cloud State University will be evaluated before the student is admitted to the major.

Transfer students from non-ABET accredited institutions should expect to take an exam or be subject to some other means to test their knowledge of the Electrical and Computer Engineering courses they wish to transfer to St. Cloud State University. If the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering determines that the student's knowledge of a particular subject matter is weak, student is expected to be required to retake a class, even if a satisfactory grade was obtained at another institution.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering reserves the right to require transfer students to retake required classes at St. Cloud State University if prerequisites for those classes have not been satisfied, or if their performance at St. Cloud State University shows a deficiency in that area.

Please see the appropriate Guidelines for Admission to Major program for further information.

Transfer Procedure

Students should contact the Office of Admissions at St. Cloud State University for information and application forms. Those wishing information about the Electrical Engineering program should contact:

Dr. Aiping Yao, Major Advisor or

Dr. Mark Petzold, Interim Department Chair (Spring 2011)

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