Undergraduate Programs

Guidelines for Admission to the Electrical Engineering Major

The following set of guidelines will apply for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

  1. To be considered for admission, the student shall have completed all of the required classes as shown below:
    • PHYS 234, PHYS 235
    • MATH 221, MATH 222
    • CHEM 210
    • MfgE/ECE 101, ECE 102, ECE 201, ECE 221
  2. The student must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or better for those required classes mentioned above, as well as 2.5 or better in cumulative GPA (GPA for all classes taken at SCSU).
    • If you repeat the classes, only the highest grade will be used to calculate your admission GPA.
    • Transfer grade(s) from other universities will not be used to calculate your admission GPA.
  3. Admission to the EE program will occur in each of the Fall and Spring semester.
    • At the second week of semester the major adviser, Dr. Yao will announce to students who wish to apply to initiate the process.
    • The student will be asked to fill the MAJOR-MINOR APPLICATION form and return back to Dr. Yao.
    • Dr. Yao will file a form to receive an SCSU Transcript and Transfer Evaluation Sheet (for transfer students) from the Office of Record and Registration.
    • Once Dr. Yao receives the Transcript and Transfer Evaluation Sheet, the student will be contacted to make an appointment with Dr. Yao to complete the admission form.
    • The student then takes the form to the Office of the Dean of Science and Engineering in Math/Science building Room 145.
  4. The application for admission to the EE program must be completed before the student starts upper division EE classes. Enrollment for ECE classes in 300 and 400 level is limited only to those who have been admitted to EE major.
  5. Variations in the above requirements will be considered for exceptional cases by Dr. Yao.

Dr. Aiping Yao, Major Advisor
(320) 308- 3255
email: ayao@stcloudstate.edu


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