Located in the Engineering and Computing Center, the department has fully equipped labs with state-of-the-art equipment. The labs are equipped with computers, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, digital logic analyzers, function generators, power supplies, digital multi-meters, and network analyzers made by leading manufacturers. additionally, there are In-Circuit Emulators from Intel, FPGA/VHDL Development Boards, Programmable Logic Device Programmers, Control System training equipment, Power Electronics Training Systems, Analog and Digital Communications Systems, HP high frequency RF signal generators, 900MHz and 2.4 GHz RF transmitter and receivers, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) development systems, and Intel microprocessor and Motorola micro-controller development systems. Computer facilities consist of a large group of Pentium based PC's networked together and a small grouped of Unix workstations. The computers are used for programming in assembly language, C/C++, MATLAB, simulation, computer-aided design and drafting using PSPICE, Alter's VHDL, Mentor Graphic, word-processing, spreadsheets, and presentation packages using Microsoft Office, internet access and electronic mail, and various specialized software.

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