Program to combat racism and racial harassment and to enhance cultural diversity (May 2000 Update)

University Commitment

Recent racist incidents have demanded a rededication to confronting issues related to a long history of racism in our society. These incidents have served as a catalyst to action and a reminder that to this point in time campus response to racism and racial harassment has been inadequate. The intent of this document and these actions is to acknowledge that this university must do more to prevent racism, hate crimes and racial harassment and to pledge to undertake a process to rectify that. It is our intent that this response to racism will provide the framework under which efforts to combat other forms of discrimination can be focused and successful.

The university community is seeking solutions to solve race-based problems. St. Cloud State University administrators, faculty, staff and student organizations have united in their resolve to end racism and racial harassment on campus. On November 12 this coalition declared in a signed statement: "We will not accept any form of activity that would imply or express intolerance toward anyone. We reaffirm our standard that we will have no tolerance for racism, in any manner or way, by any member of the St. Cloud State University Community. We ask the help and assistance of all in making this a campus secure for all individuals."

The university expects and demands that all members of the university community -- administrators, faculty, staff and students -- will at all times display civility and no tolerance for racism and racial harassment of any kind. Those who perpetuate it are not welcome at St. Cloud State.

The university announces a five-point program which includes action steps to achieve the following objectives: A Rededication of the University Commitment; Education, Training and Prevention; Intervention, Mediation and Sanctions; Establishing a More Diverse Community; and Defining The University's Commitment and Role in the Region. Resources required to accomplish these objectives and the programs described in this document will be committed.

These proposals and actions constitute an aggressive response. However, the university does not pretend that all of the answers are contained in this document. We also realize that racism, hate crimes and racial harassment will not disappear overnight. We are dedicated to a full discussion of this program, and we intend to develop a means for periodic updates to hold the university and its various offices accountable for completing the action steps outlined in this document.

Above all, we believe that racism, hate crimes and racial harassment will be eliminated only with persistent and courageous effort that becomes a part of the collective mission of the university.