Enrollment Management Committee Notes

February 16, 2005
1:00 3:00 pm
Glacier North - Atwood

Members: Pat Krueger, Kathryn Kelly, Frank Loncorich, Annette Day, Lisa Foss, John Burgeson, Larry Christenson, Shahzad Ahmad, Guihua Li, Sue Bayerl, Mahmoud Saffari, Hall Kimball, Suellen Rundquist, Richard Sundheim, Rod Dobey, Sandra Johnson, David Robinson, Robert Johnson, Steve Klepetar, David Boyer, Annette Schoenberger, Mark Nook, Jefferson Vue, Cory Fechtelkotter and Jane Spaude.

*Bold are members in attendance

  1. Approval of January 26, 2004 notes. Steve Klepetar moved to approve. Seconded by Pat Krueger. Correction to Dr. Zhang name.
  2. Latest State of MN student demographics data.
    Instead of a 4.7 decrease it is project to be 11% decrease.
  3. Tuition Banding (a policy issue)
    What it means? Typically a student between 12 - 15 credits, only pays the credit tuition up to 12; from 13 15 credits, they get those credits tuition free. Pat to check with three (3) other campuses to see what effect it had on their campuses.
    What it means to our institution?

    Is there any wrinkle? Something SCSU can do to make it better to set us apart from the other campuses? Example: student takes 30 credit hours fall spring successfully the student would receive a 3 credit hour summer class free?
  4. ACT Student Opinion Survey/Academic Advising Survey
    There are a total 29 in-house questions related to Graduate School , College of Business , Study Abroad Program and Academic Advising. Most of the questions are academic advising related questions. The advising survey came from the Advising Center and with significant prior EMC feed back. Klepetar and Julie Bresnahan-Stark played a major role for the final questions.

    Is it possible to set up a career fair with the different colleges and to invite alumnus to come to talk to those undecided students.

    Lots of ideas shared regarding academic advising. Steve Klepetar shared a lot of those ideas.

    Faculty Forum day is April 6 th , breakfast, workshops, lunch, workshops, bringing in John Gardner.
  5. SCSU Enrollment Management Plan (2004-2010)
  6. SOC recruitment, retention & marketing plans POSTPOND until next meeting
  7. Students with 100+ credit hours status
    Shahzad working on the SOC
    84 students able to identify
    77 letters sent
    35 of the 77 letters came back
    4 responses
  8. Fall '04 vs '03 NEF/NET enrolled students by major
  9. Polices/procedures that would impede student success
  10. Admissions Office initiatives
    Admitted 2/3 of the freshman class
    Some additional scholarship money made available
    Recruitment out of Minnesota non resident, non reciprocity
    In the past Wisconsin schools have closed their applicant at this time, but learned that they are not this year!
    Added a second event for under-represented students at SCTC
    Increase the off campus-sites for the math placement tests
    Community Colleges - Normandale, Anoka-Ramsey, Century 7:00pm to take math placement test
    SOC event next month in March Thursday, MCTC, bus kids from area high schools, start about 3:30 p.m.
    Holding breakfast event for high school counselors, principals, superintendents, academic deans, Mark Nook, President Saigo, associate deans, advising center, March 25 th , agenda still be working on but to include, Math, English,
    State Universities is holding two breakfasts and two lunches to do something like this in the twin cities area.
    March 23 rd : Discussion items: Student Early Alert initiative report
    University Marketing/Branding
    SOC recruitment, retention & marketing plans
    AP credits

Spring 2005 next meeting dates & times: March 23rd , April 20th
Wednesdays 1:00-3:00 p.m. in Glacier North