Enrollment Management Committee Notes

January 26, 2005
1:00 – 3:00 pm
Mississippi - Atwood

Members: Pat Krueger, Kathryn Kelly, Frank Loncorich, Annette Day, Lisa Foss, John Burgeson, Larry Christenson, Shahzad Ahmad, Guihua Li, Sue Bayerl , Mahmoud Saffari, Hall Kimball, Suellen Rundquist, Richard Sundheim, Rod Dobey, Sandra Johnson, David Robinson, Robert Johnson, Steve Klepetar, David Boyer, Annette Schoenberger, Mark Nook, Jefferson Vue, Cory Fechtelkotter and Jane Spaude.

*Bold are members in attendance

  1. Approval of December 1, 2004 notes. Shahzad Ahmad moved to approve. Seconded by Rod Dobey.

    Make sure the results of survey are not punitive to any departments.
  2. Spring 2005 tentative enrollment #s (Not official until 10th day)

    Freshman -121
    Sophomore -146
    Junior +78
    Senior +23
    UG Special +250
    Previous Degree -3
    Masters/Beyond +38
  3. SCSU Enrollment Management Plan (2004-2010)
    It was brought up as to why Mankato is being used as a bench mark. Mankato was the only Enrollment Plan that we could get a hold of. Would like to see Wisconsin 's system plan along with the University of Minnesota campus' plan.

    These tables are only drafts. What about feed back from Center for International Studies? Has a consultation been done with International Studies? Once we have the numbers, how can we achieve these goals, how do we get the resources? Long range head count to be 16,000.

    Recommendation to the sub committee to visit with Dr. Chang about the numbers.

    Do we think that distance learning is a separate category in the plan? Or continuing studies credits.
  4. ACT Student Opinion Survey
    Going to happen during spring semester. 500 hundred randomly selected students to come to Atwood Little Theatre for the following dates, February 10 th , February 11 th , February 14 th , February 15 th , February 16, February 17, February 18 th , with the incentive of a $100 bookstore coupon and several $25 bookstore coupons. The other 2,000 will go out through the mail. Incentive will be 40 (forty) names to be drawn from those surveys returned. Using the Bookstore coupons in the amount of $25 each.

    The Provost is forming a committee to look at the student perception surveys that are being done on this campus. Something like a clearing house committee. Mark Nook meeting with the Provost today will discuss this clearing house committee. David Robinson needs to know what the outcome is due to the fact that dates and times have been scheduled for the survey that he is conducting.
  5. Policies/procedures that would impede student success
  6. Admissions recruiting events/activities –Positioning/Branding
  7. First-Year Experience/Dean of Undergraduate Studies
    First year experience was developed last year by a group of faculty. Proposal request to teach due January 18 th . Approx 10 proposals--Running around 250-300 students. This learning community will be in Holes Hall next year. These learning communities are limited to 25-30 students. The students find out about this learning community through the housing information and that is how they would sign up for this.