Enrollment Management Committee Notes

December 1, 2004
1:00 – 3:00 pm
Lady-Slipper Atwood

Members: Pat Krueger, Kathryn Kelly, Frank Loncorich, Annette Day, Lisa Foss, John Burgeson, Larry Christenson, Shahzad Ahmad, Guihua Li, Sue Bayerl , Mahmoud Saffari, Hall Kimball, Suellen Rundquist, Richard Sundheim, Rod Dobey, Sandra Johnson, David Robinson, Robert Johnson, Steve Klepetar, David Boyer, Annette Schoenberger, Mark Nook, Jefferson Vue, Cory Fechtelkotter and Jane Spaude.

*Bold are members in attendance

  1. Approval of November 17, 2004 notes. Rod Dobey moved to approve. Seconded by Mark Nook.
  2. ACT Survey
    1. Reviewed work and timeline related to this survey
    2. Subcommittee (Sandy Johnson, Guihua Li, Richard Sundheim, David Robinson, Mahmoud Saffari) will meet on Dec. 3 rd . (Steve Frank has withdrawn from all University committees) Details and the process to mail the survey will be discussed.
    3. Random sample will be generated by a staff member from the Center for Information Systems after 10 th day of spring semester 2005.
    4. Survey will be mailed to 2500 students generated by the random sampling. Prepaid envelope will be included for return. Follow-up by postcard, email and student callers will occur if needed.
    5. Takes 30-40 minutes to complete
    6. Results should indicate why students come, stay or leave SCSU and identify their beliefs about the challenges and strengths of SCSU.
      1.  Example – NCSSE survey helped develop the FYE program and the creation of the undergraduate Dean position.
    7. Concern was expressed about how the survey results would be communicated to the Faculty
      1. Results should tell us what students think is important
      2. Those results should be tied to goals
      3. Use the positive items for publicity
  3. ACT survey process. Rod Dobey moved to approve the process. Seconded by Sandra Johnson.

  4. Early Alert system
    1. Subcommittee needs to work on this process
    2. Will not go to Faculty Senate at this time – Mark Nook will give progress report during early spring 2005.
  5. Enrollment Management Plan
    1. Old plan does not have numbers
    2. 3 subcommittees have been formed: Recruitment, Retention, Marketing
    3. Need to identify resources to reach 2010 goals
    4. Review Mankato 's plan
    5. Timetable
      1. 1st draft to be ready by end of January 2005
      2. Faculty Senate and Academic Affairs will review in Feb. 2005
      3. Open forums, MSUAASF and Students possible in Feb. 2005
    6. Need a basis for numbers or assumptions for numbers written into the document
    7. Steve Klepetar, Pat Krueger, Lisa Foss and Mark Nook met on 11/24/04
      1. Discussed FYE retention rate at 80%
      2. Students of color numbers are lower everywhere
      3. Suggestion to move NET out of the mix – separate categories
      4. Suggestion to indent Honors/DGS/SOC and become a subgroup of NEF
      5. Learning communities and FYE promote retention to 80%
      6. Flat enrollment will mean less recruitment and more upper division students
      7. Front loading enrollments puts a burden on offering more entry level courses
      8. President Saigo reported at a previous meeting that enrollment for SCSU should hold at 16,000
      9. If retention increases 5% in one year (NEF & NET) a cost savings of $1,000,000 will be realized. Disagreement with this statement – Add only if enrollment also grows
      10. Reasonable targets need to be set
      11. FYE – will influence retention and the 4 year graduation rate (based on involvement in Learning communities and FYE)
      12. SCSU has a larger population of part-time students than Mankato
      13. Mankato has a larger population of students who live on campus which may account for better retention. Some discussion about campus housing close to SCSU. Larry Christiansen will report on this at a later meeting.
      14. SCSU has become a selective institution because we deny 20% of all undergraduate applicants.
  6. Residential Hall survey
    1. Will do every year with the next one in March 2005
  7. General education availability data – Mark Nook will get data from Records and Registration
  8. Retention rates – Handout was provided to the committee
  9. Enrollment Management Committee meeting dates for Spring semester:
    1. Jan. 19 th , Feb. 16 th , March 23 rd , April 20 th – Wednesdays 1:00-3:00 in Atwood – Glacier North
  10. Branding
    1. Handout and power-point presentation was given
    2. Pat Krueger discussed the importance of branding for recruiting students and competitive marketing.
    3. Admissions office staff is very good at delivering information/message about SCSU but what should the message be?
    4. Enrollment Management committee can help begin the discussion about positioning SCSU – “Why should any prospective student choose SCSU?”
    5. Suggestion is to work with Alumni Association; Promote the library and athletics
  11. Annette Day reported the special student form can now be submitted online. The subcommittee is also working on policy suggestions.
  12. Mahmoud expressed his appreciation for members who are on the Enrollment Management committee.
  13. Students on the committee were encouraged to bring issues to future meetings for discussion.