Enrollment Management Committee Notes

November 17, 2004
1:00 3:00 pm
Glacier North - Atwood

Members: Pat Krueger , Kathryn Kelly , Frank Loncorich , Annette Day , Lisa Foss , John Burgeson , Diane Schellinger , Shahzad Ahmad , Guihua Li , Sue Bayerl , Mahmoud Saffari , Hal Kimball , Suellen Rundquist , Richard Sundheim , Rod Dobey , Sandra Johnson , Dave Robinson, Robert Johnson, Steve Klepetar , David Boyer , Annette Schoenberger , Mark Nook , Jefferson Vue , Cory Fechtelkotter , and Jane Spaude .

*Bold are members in attendance

Mahmoud welcomed President Saigo

Sub Committees recommendations :

1. Approval of October 20, 2004 notes – Kathryn Kelly moved to approve, seconded by Sandra Johnson

2. High School/two-year college events – Invite High school counselors, principals, superintends to come to visit. Also going to do a Community College invite to Presidents, deans, academic counselors. Two activities - one with SCTC on their campus and the other specify for students of color in the St. Cloud surrounding area

3. Surveys:

  1. Academic Advising Survey - Mark Nook had the advising center take the survey also had contact with the College of Business where they have survey data. Discussion on who the students think their advisor is. Is there going to be a question on the survey on who they think their advisor is? The survey is to find out where the strengths or weakness are. Will be ready for spring semester. Has to go Faculty Senate.
  2. ACT Student Opinion survey - We cannot postpone this. Mahmoud called ACT asking about paying the student to take survey. Bad practice. They will think that every time they are asked to take a survey that they will get paid. ACT said there is no perfect way of doing the survey. Lowest return rate is 10%, highest is 80%. Annette Day brought up the survey they did for Summer Semester did 5,000 students had a return rate of 12.6% or 696 students. Mark Nook brought up the fact that if IFO is on record of opposing this survey, our sampling will be not distributed anyway, so the response rate will be low. The response rate will be low because of the lateness of the survey. Mark Nook asked if Student Government could carry this out. We are asking for student survey not faculty. Suggestion is to make a meeting with David Robinson, Richard Sundheim, Sandra Johnson, Guihua Li, Steve Frank and Mahmoud to discuss the survey.
  3. 1 st year Residence Hall Student Opinion Survey -

4. Student Early Alert System – still trying to work out time lines. Suggestion to work with Faculty Senate before we get too far into this.

5. SCSU Enrollment Management Plan (2004-2010) – hoping by the last meeting December 1 st to have the draft of the Enrollment Management plan.

Steve Klepetar sub committee – didn’t know how to proceed, discussion about Mankato’s plan randomly selected numbers, needs some guidance on how to come up with the enrollment numbers for 2010, no one on the committee has any experience on projecting enrollment. We know what our retention rate is now, we know what each area is increasing per year, you also put in the retention increase/decrease. This plan will also focus on where SCSU wants to be in terms of its Size, quality and mix of our students.

6. Retention rates for 2003-2004 – hand out for your information

7. Top 10 degrees in demand article – hand out for your information