Enrollment Management Committee Notes

October 20, 2004
1:00 3:00 pm
Glacier North - Atwood
Notes taken by Dr. Rod Dobey

Members: Pat Krueger , Kathryn Kelly , Frank Loncorich , Annette Day , Lisa Foss , John Burgeson , Diane Schellinger , Shahzad Ahmad , Guihua Li , Sue Bayerl , Mahmoud Saffari , Hal Kimball , Suellen Rundquist , Richard Sundheim , Rod Dobey , Sandra Johnson , Dave Robinson, Robert Johnson, Steve Klepetar , David Boyer , Annette Schoenberger , Mark Nook , and Jane Spaude .

*Bold are members in attendance

M/S/P Robinson/Dobey to approve minutes of 9/22/04. Corrections to Item 3—Attendance issues: Faculty will have 1 week to create and return the report electronically to the Advising Center. Action: Mark Nook will report back to the EMC at its next meeting.

Summer 2004 and Fall 2004 Enrollment numbers were shares via a handout. Tenth and 30 th day enrollment figures were: 15,608 and 16,029 respectively. These numbers do not include the zero credit students.

A handout was provided from the Students of Color Working Group meeting biweekly and is chaired by Mahmoud Saffari. The group’s focus is on marketing, recruitment and retention of students of color. Handout identified a number of items, concerns and strategies. Admissions office will send letters to schools with large populations of students of color. Admissions will strive to work more closely with those schools.

Early Alert Systems (EAS) -- Mark Nook. It was suggested that implementation be delayed until spring 2005. System success depends on voluntary support by faculty, since they do the implementation. May need a pilot program (see item 3 of 9/22/04 minutes). Question regarding how advisors will react to referrals? EAS is NOT a mandate for faculty participation. Discussion ensued regarding EAS timing with other events/dates in the semester. Question was posed if FA and EAS could work together. Mark Nook will report back at the next EMC meeting. This will provide time for the EAS subcommittee to meet.


Academic Advising Survey: Revised survey provided in packet. It may be ready to use in spring 2005. Feedback is needed from Advising Center, Admissions, departments, advising units, etc. Faculty approval is essential before it is used. They survey is NOT an evaluation of any advisor, per se. It is an overall assessment of advising practices at SCSU and within the Colleges.

ACT Survey was discussed. Questions were raised if we could use the SCSU Survey next time. Stated that ACT is a national survey and many schools have the results published as a response to assessment and accreditation. Guihua will facilitate a group to look at the 30 in-house questions. Estimated time to complete ACT survey was 30-40 minutes. Concern expressed on how we are going to administer the survey—in class/out of class. This generated discussion regarding faculty taking time during class to administer the survey. List of potential classes to take survey was circulated. It was decided unanimously that the survey will be administered preferably before Thanksgiving break and faculty will distribute survey in the class and ask students to return them the following session for collection. Inferences should not be made based on the results due to a potential biased sample.

First year Residence Hall Survey results were provided in packet/handout and will be discussed at the next EMC meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:5pm.

Next meeting: 1 PM, November 17, Glacier North, Atwood Center