Enrollment Management Committee Notes

September 22, 2004
1:00 3:00 pm
Glacier North - Atwood

Members: Pat Krueger , Kathryn Kelly , Frank Loncorich , Annette Day , Lisa Foss , John Burgeson , Diane Schellinger , Shahzad Ahmad , Guihua Li , Sue Bayerl , Mahmoud Saffari , Hal Kimball , Suellen Rundquist , Richard Sundheim , Rod Dobey , Sandra Johnson , Dave Robinson, Robert Johnson, Steve Klepetar , David Boyer , Annette Schoenberger , Mark Nook , and Jane Spaude .

*Bold are members in attendance

1. Approval of April 21, 2004 notes. Approved by Kathryn Kelly, seconded by David Robinson.

2. Progress Report since April 21st

Faculty presentations at convocation on 9/2/04
Enrollment Data – Fall 2004 – 10th day #s
Additional data is available at the website: http://irp.stcloudstate.edu

3. Student Early Alert System Proposal

A draft of the Early Warning System Proposal was shared

Pilot Approach

Recommended as a pilot project. The task force suggests that this should be done as early as fall semester 2004 or should that not be possible, spring semester 2005. It is further suggested that the pilot be of small scale initially and limited to classes that enroll fewer than 50 students. Specifically the following courses are recommended:

All faculty teaching these courses will be invited to participate; participation will be voluntary.

Reporting Mechanism

The system should be entirely electronic and simple in format. It should be similar to that used to submit grades. Faculty will be able to use class lists available through the online registration system. The assessment should be made during week 5 of the semester. There will be a time and staff commitment required to set this up.

Faculty will select who are having difficulty for their report. Two areas of concern will be identified:


Faculty will have one week to create and return the report electronically to the Advising Center (Mark Nook’s recommendation). The academic advisor will then communicate with his/her advisee(s) and make a referral if necessary. A subcommittee was formed to work on this. Mark Nook will report back to the EMC at its next meeting.

4. Surveys:

  1. Academic Advising Survey (revised 9/15/04)
    Any edits – please send to Mahmoud
  2. ACT Student Opinion Survey (In-house questions)
    • Graduate students
    • College of Fine Arts & Humanities
    • College of Business
    • College of Education
    • College of Social Science
    • College of Science & Engineering
    • Student Life and Development
      Guihua Li will be forming a sub group asking to have representation from those different areas to come up with the 30 questions. Rod Doby, Annette Day, Sandra Johnson, Lisa Foss, David Robinson, Richard Sundheim.
  3. First-year Residence Hall Student Opinion Survey
    The March 2004 survey results will be shared at the next EMC meeting.

5. Policy Issue: Special Students

Annette Day passed out several pages regarding special students.
The policies that are in place do not currently work well today.
Annette Day would like to receive any feedback within the week. Then she will meet with Sue Bayerl and Pat Krueger.

6. “F” Poster

7. Enrollment Management Plan (2004-2010)


Needs to be sent to Faculty Senate and Student Government for buy in. Look into the January Faculty Workshop days. Look at how Strategic Plan was done involving the Faculty Senate. Who was on the subcommittees? Send out.