Enrollment Management Committee Notes

April 21, 2004
1:00 3:00 pm
Miller Center B-17

Members: Pat Krueger , Kathryn Kelly , Frank Loncorich , Annette Day , Lisa Foss , John Burgeson , Diane Schellinger , Shahzad Ahmad , Guihua Li , Debbie Tamte-Horan , Mahmoud Saffari , Cory Lawrence, Suellen Rundquist , Richard Sundheim , Rod Dobey , Sandra Johnson , Dave Robinson, Robert Johnson, Steve Klepetar , David Boyer , Theresia Fisher and Jane Spaude .

*Bold are members in attendance

1. March 24 th notes. Approved by Rod Dobey, seconded by Steve Klepetar

2. An EMC Overview/Progress Report

Retention: Top Areas of Focus

  1. Course availability (fall ’03 vs. ’04 as of 4/18/04 = +1016)
  2. English 191 (fall ’03 vs. ’04 as of 4/18/04 = +296)
  3. Full-year schedules for NEF
  4. Student early alert system
  5. Clear set of NEF expectations
  6. Student Responsibility
  7. Tutoring

Recruitment: Top Areas of Focus

  1. Increase Scholarship Opportunities
  2. Faculty Connection to Student Recruitment
  3. Programs that make SCSU more competitive

Marketing: Top Areas of Focus

  1. Research
  2. Internal Marketing
  3. Segmentation

3. Out-of-State Fee Waiver

4. Fall-to-Spring Retention Rates

5. Fall 2004 EMC Meeting Dates/Times
One meeting per month (two hours: 1:00-3:00 p.m.) September 29th, October 27th, November 17th, December 1
Last Wednesday, last week of each month

6. EM Plan
We do not have an Enrollment Management Plan for the University
Hope by the end of Fall Semester to have a draft of the plan

7. Student Perception Surveys

  1. First Year Resident Hall Student Opinon survey (in-house)
    --Implementation Date Fall ’04 (was implemented Spring ’04)
  2. Academic Advising Survey (in-house)
    --Implementation Date: Spring ’05 (preferably Jan ’05)
  3. Graduating Senior Survey (in-house)
    --Implementation Date: December ‘04
  4. Student Satisfaction Survey (by ACT)
    --Implementation Date: Fall 2004 (October or November)

Under the Academic Advising Survey also include question #24 to change to positive.

8. Student Early Alert System (continued discussion)
Subcommittee Members: Pat Krueger, Suellen Rundquist, Sandra Johnson, Shahzad Ahmad, Steve Klepetar, Kathryn Kelly.


  1. Should identify with academic difficulty
    --Student notification
    --Intervention Strategies
  2. Faculty buy-in
    --Documentation of classroom issues (attendance, performance on tests/projects, etc.) --helpful in grade disputes
  3. Make process Manageable and simple
    --Electronic communication/similar to submit grades
    --Class list should be available during week 5
    --Faculty select only students with difficulty
    --Endorsement of the pilot project
    --Also include positive reinforcement to the students

9. Policy Issues (continued discussion)
Policies/Procedures Impeding Student Success

  1. Mid-semester electronic transcript notification to students carrying “I” grades
  2. Monitoring and follow up with students whose suspension appeal was granted
    (Follow up with the new Dean of Undergraduate Studies)
  3. Special student ownership (all students)
    --Shared Admissions suggest that special students to complete the regualar application
    --Annette Day presented a chart with the compiled list of other schools
    --Need to look into this how this will affect the Graduate School
    --Look at the pros and cons of this
    --Need for a sub committee to look at the, Annette, Shahzad, Debbie, Guihua, Pat

Debbie reported that the e-mail notification to students was done. It was sent to everyone including graduate students.

10. The EMC unanimously approved the purchase of the ACT Student Satisfaction Survey.

11. The notes of April 21 st will also have an addendum indicating the progress status of each one of top three recruitment, retention and marketing recommendations generated during the initial EM meeting in January 2004.