Enrollment Management Committee Notes

March 25 , 2004
1:00 3:00 pm
Miller Center B-17

Members: Pat Krueger , Kathryn Kelly, Frank Loncorich, Annette Day, Lisa Foss, John Burgeson, Diane Schellinger, Shahzad Ahmad, Guihua Li, Debbie Tamte-Horan, Mahmoud Saffari, Cory Lawrence, Suellen Rundquist, Richard Sundheim, Rod Dobey, Sandra Johnson, Dave Robinson, Robert Johnson, Steve Klepetar, David Boyer, Theresia Fisher and Jane Spaude.

*Bold are members in attendance

1. February 25 th notes. Approved by Rod Dobey, seconded by Dave Robinson

2. Student Perception Surveys:

In house surveys sub-committee

David Robinson, David Krueger, Ken Schneider, Guihua Li, Pat Krueger, Lisa Foss, Addie Turkowski, Mahmoud Saffari

  1. First Year Resident Hall Student Opinion Survey (in-house)
    Implementation date: Fall ’04 (was implemented Spring ’04)
  2. Academic Advising Survey (in-house)
    Implementation Date: Spring ’05 (preferably Jan ’05) (every two years)
  3. Graduating Senior Survey (in-house)
    Implementation Date: Summer ’04 if possible
  4. Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory or ACT Student Opinion Survey (National)
    Implementation Date: Fall ’04 mid semester (every two years)
    • Noel-Levitz allows for 10 in-house questions
    • ACT allows for 30 in-house questions
      Do a sample of 2,500 students?
      For 100, 200, 300,400 level courses (graduates?)
      Day, evening, off campus classes
      Administered in a class situation
    Send e-mail to Jane which survey you prefer and include any questions that you would like to include. This is regarding the national survey (ACT vs. Noel-Levitz)

3. Student Early Alert System (SEAS) (In-house). EMC will spend three sessions to discuss this issue.

4. Policies/Procedures Impeding Student Success

  1. Mid-semester electronic transcript notification to students carrying “I” grades
    • Can the Records office run a report at the end of each semester for the “I” students and then those students receive something stating it will turn to an “F”
    • What about “IP”?
    • What is the difference between “I” and the “IP”?
  2. Monitoring and follow up with students whose suspension appeal was granted
  3. Special student ownership (all students)
    • Every semester there are about 200 students, non-trad non degree seeking, late arrivals, or made decision late. Using special student status is sneak into the university. No ownership for these people. For those sneaking into the university they take a class and do well. Then they apply as regular students. And we deny them because they don’t meet the criteria but they say “look I got a good grade in the class.” Recommend that every student who wishes to take a class to fill out an application. Be it degree or non degree seeking student.