Enrollment Management Committee Notes

January 28, 2004
1:00 – 3:00 pm
Miller Center B-17
Approved Minutes

Members: Pat Krueger , Kathryn Kelly , Frank Loncorich , Annette Day , Lisa Foss , John Burgeson , Diane Schellinger , Shahzad Ahmad , Guihua Li , Debbie Tamte-Horan , Mahmoud Saffari , Cory Lawrence, Suellen Rundquist , Richard Sundheim , Rod Dobey , Sandra Johnson , Dave Robinson, Robert Johnson, Steve Klepetar , David Boyer , Theresia Fisher and Jane Spaude .

*Bold are members in attendance


Mahmoud Saffari, EMC Chair welcomed everyone and thanked the EMC members for their willingness to serve on this very important campus-wide committee. He then introduced SCSU Provost. Michael Spitzer welcomed everyone to this important committee. Made reference to the National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) report. Please spend some time looking at the report to improve retention at the university. Annette Day asked about resources. We have the charge, but what are the resources. There are some things that can be done that require resources. Other things will not need resources. Role is advisory. Some will go to Faculty Senate, some to Academic Affairs Council, then to President's Cabinet. Time frame is an ongoing activity. Steve Klepetar concerns, if the goals are met what are we going to do with additional students? Michael said they are planning to have enough seats up front for fall '04.

EMC Goals

Enhance the overall quality and meet enrollment goals

EM related data

Mahmoud went through the handout content that was sent to everyone on the committee

Subcommittees & Chairs

  1. Retention - Steve Klepetar, David Boyer, Theresia Fisher, Shahzad Ahmad, Kathryn Kelly, Guihua Li, Debbie Tamte-Horan, Frank Loncorich, Rod Dobey, Sandra Johnson, Suellen Rundquist
    Chair-Steve Klepetar
  2. Recruitment - Pat Krueger, Annette Day, Richard Sundheim
    Chair-Pat Krueger
  3. Marketing - Lisa Foss, John Burgeson, Diane Schellinger
    Chair- Lisa Foss

Retention, Recruitment and Marketing Related Ideas

Retention – Top 3 areas of focus

  1. Academic Planning
    • Course availability – careful planning to ensure adequate number of seats to accommodate new entering students as well as currently enrolled students. Balance general education and major/minor courses. As much as possible, plan this up front rather than adding courses late in the registration process.
    • Full year schedules for new entering students, especially NEF's
    • Make certain that students have access to English 191 early in their academic careers to improve their changes for success in the many courses that require some kind of writing.
  2. Student Support
    • Create an “early warning system” for students experiencing academic difficulty
    • Organize and improve tutoring services, and provide students who are having academic difficulty with specific referrals to these services.
    • Connect students with advisors early, and make advising part of the entire academic career
  3. Student Responsibility
    • Present students with a clear set of expectations about college level academic work, including the need to attend class regularly, the number of hours they should study per class hour, etc.
    • Make a clear connection for students between academic success and attainment of career goals.
    • Let students know that while the advising center and/or their faculty advisor will gladly help them, they are ultimately responsible for knowing the requirements for general education, major/minor. Teach them to use the bulletin and online sources to access this information; train them to visit major/minor departments early and often to keep abreast of requirements.

Other Related Retention Related Ideas

Recruitment – Top 3 areas of focus

  1. Increase scholarship opportunities to make SCSU reasonably competitive in attracting targeted students
    • Students of Color
    • Academically talented
    • Honors
  2. Identify & recommend consideration of programs that will make SCSU more competitive
    • Academic programs
    • Study programs (Honors, Study abroad, cohort groups, etc.)
  3. Work to make faculty/staff more connected to recruitment process
    • Build ownership
    • Educate regarding role in yield generation

Other Recruitment Related Ideas

Identify challenges & opportunities that are associated with distance learning

Expand relationships with community colleges

Marketing – Top 3 areas of focus

  1. Research
    • Who are our students?
    • What are our students expecting?
    • Who is successful here?
    • Future programs (student perspective)
    • What type of student are we looking at? (Millennial student)
  2. Internal Marketing
  3. Segmentation
    • Strong programs
    • Adult market
    • Geographic
    • Others

Policies and Procedures to be sent to Jane

Send agenda items to Jane by February 18th

If there is a need from a specific office to be invited please contact Mahmoud and he will make sure that person is here.