Minnesota Child Protection

DATE: February 24, 2003

TO: President’s Council
Union Presidents
Morris Kurtz
Director of SCSU Lindgren Child Care Center
Robert C. Johnson
Ron Seibring

FROM: Special Advisor to the President

RE: Mandated Reporting – Stearns-Benton Child Protection Team

Please be aware of the following statutes which mandate that education professionals or professionals’ delegates report the outlined situations. This information is also available at www.stcloudstate.edu/humanresources and has been distributed to all active user employees via the e-mail.

Please share this information with your constituents who may not otherwise have received notification. Thank you.

These forms replace all earlier forms. Please discard others.

We are entering the time of year when arrangements are being made for various groups of minors to be on campus. Please be advised that we are to be performing background checks on individuals, whether paid or volunteer, who will be working with the minors. Enclosed please find:

You optionally may make copies of the information sheet and give one to applicants. You will need to make copies of the consent form and the fingerprint request forms. I am requesting that you and the officers in University Public Safety review the fingerprint cards for complete information before sending them to the BCA.

Keep me posted and certainly contact me if you receive a report that an applicant does not have a clean record.

I also am requesting that the Vice Presidents make this information available to appropriate individuals in their units. Thanks for your assistance.