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Spring 2013:


February was I Love to Read Month in the CTC!

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Fall 2012:

STEM Workshop

Spring 2012:

Mobile Learning Day

On Wednesday, March 21st 2012, the ITDL was used to display many of the new mobile learning devices and their uses, primarily in a classroom setting.  Drawings and contests were held for all students who participated to win prizes from the event.  Click here to see images of the events of the day! Some of the learning stations at Mobile Learning Day included: 


iPad/Android Tips, Tricks & Apps iPad next to Android
Throughout the day, visitors had the opportunity to visit one-to-one with a

tech-specialist to get an insight on the latest and greatest Apps as well as tips

and tricks for using mobile devices in the classroom!



Hotspots from Smartphones & More
presented by Dr. Richard Josephson Hotspot icon
Seminar on how to access wifi from a secure locations, public locations and cell phone hotspots. This seminar also included a display of some of Dr. Josephson's favorite apps, including using PDF reader to store documents, design jot as an instructional development app, and grader to download and grade items from D2L's dropbox.

Use of iPads/iPods to Engage Students presented by Dr. Brad Kaffar

Ten Best iPad Apps for Work presented by Carol Thoma Feedler App


Uses of iPads in a Math Classroom presented by Dr. Martin Lo Motion Math Icon



Pre K-6 Classroom Friendly Apps presented by Dr. Marcia Thompson

Teacher Friendly Apps presented by Dr. Marcia Thompson

Garmin Tresure Hunt presented by Ryan GillenGarmin eTrex 10
Introduction on how to use the Garmin eTrex 10 and Geocaching. This was followed up by a Geocaching treasure hunt around the SCSU Campus. The first student who returned with the secret word from each treasure box received an 8GB flash drive for a prize.

SNS for Online Learning presented by Dr. Yun Jeong Park QR Reader App

Technology Resources Checkout & Reservation Program

presented by DeAnn RedfieldCart for Transporting iPads
Workstation in the CTC was used to display how to reserve and checkout technology resources, such as headsets, digital cameras, the interactive whiteboard, Garmins, iPads and iPods.



Fall 2011

Outlook Calendaring by Lora BennettOutlook Icon
Uses of Microsoft Outlook's calendar features were covered during this workshop. Topics included how to set up appointments and manage meetings with Outlook.


iPads & iPods by Angie JohnsoniClassroom Image
Ongoing workshops for the 2011-2012 academic year have included sessions on integrating technology into the classroom.  Basic hardware and OS components of the iPad and iPod Touch were introduced while top Apps for early childhood, elementary, middle and high school levels were recommended. 


SMART Boards by Angie JohnsonSMART Notebook icon'
Tips and tricks for using a SMART Board or SMART Table in the classroom were covered during another 2011-2012 workshop series.  Both workshops offered ample opportunity for hands-on exploration and inquiry.



Spring 2011 Workshop Sessions

Blogs by Dr. Jeanne AndersonBlogs in Education Image

On Thursday, January 20th, 2011, Dr. Jeanne Anderson of the Information Media Department discussed the uses of Internet blogs in motivating participation from students, how to create a blog, and how to successfully implement a blog in your classroom.


Wikis by Dana WoodsWiki Image
On Friday March 4th, 2011 Dana Woods, CTC Graduate Assistant, and Dr. Steve Hornstein,SCSU Faculty from Teacher Development, discussed the use of wikis in the classroom with members of the College of Education community.


Fall 2010 Workshop Sessions

iPad & iPod Touch by Dr. Susan SuttonApple iPad

During the months of October and November we discused the integration of the iPad and iPod touch into your teaching/classroom. The workshops including hands-on training session, one-on-one consultations, support in the classroom, and roundtable discussions.




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