Fall 2011 Open House


COE Curriculum and Technology Center

Fall 2011 Open House

Friday, February 3, 2012

On Wedesday, March 21st 2012, the Vera W. Russell Curriculum Technology Center hosted it's first ever Mobile Learning Day. Faculty, staff, and students attended the event. The event focused on many uses of different mobile technologies in the classroom including iPods, iPasds, Garmins, Androids, eReaders, Tablets, Smartphones, and a multitude of apps that are useful with these devices.

Posted below are some snapshots from the event and photos of our raffle winners.


SMART Board Loading

The SMART Board loading up for the primary presentation location of the event.


iPad/Android Tips & Tricks 


Students learn different tricks to using mobile cameras and projectors for instruction.


Portable Projector


Close-up of the portable projector used in the demonstrations.


Richard Josephson Hotspots 


Dr. Richard Josephson describing Hotspots for your Smartphones.


 Popcorn Cart


What good event from the Education Building doesn't include free food?


Brad Kaffar Explaining iPads for Engagement


Dr. Brad Kaffar explains how you can use iPads and iPods to engage student learning.


 Dr. Carol Thoma explains her list of the best Apps for work.


Dr. Carol Thoma describing the apps that she believes are the best to be used for work.


Martin Lo and his Math Apps


Dr. Martin Lo shows students the advantages of some of the free math apps available for the iPad.


Full House


A busy picture shows just how popular this event was!


Marcia Thompson with k-12 Apps


Dr. Marcia Thompson describes some PreK-6 and teacher friendly apps to students.


Ryan Gillen explains Garmins


GA Ryan Gillen explains Garmins to students in preparation for a treasure hunt around campus.