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Special Education

For Teachers

Worksheet Generator
This website mainly is a worksheet generator. In special education, a teacher is encouraged to find other means of student practice and work than a worksheet. However, these would be beneficial to students who need extra practice in specific areas (i.e. shaping the letter E). These worksheets could serve as remedial learning materials. This site offers worksheets in math, reading, and other areas. A teacher can customize the focus and the difficulty level of the content of the worksheets.

In the special education classroom, student frustration sometimes leads to behavioral problems such as refusal to do work, interruption of class, being out of seat, acting out toward teacher or students, etc. Furthermore, ED (Emotional Disturbance) is a category of disability under IDEIA. Behavioral and social misconduct are typical characteristics of a student with ED. These are two of the reasons why behavior management (as well as classroom management) is essential in the special education classroom. This website gives tips to strengthen a teacher's classroom management as well as links to lesson plans and planning strategies that assist in doing so. Behavior management strategies are listed as well as an impressive collection of links to the following: related articles, effective practices, rewards and reinforcement, module development, teacher support and communication, a behavior analysis template, and much more! In addition, this site provides resources with telephone numbers to receive help in behavior management.

LD Online
This is the self-proclaimed "world's leading website on learning disabilities and ADHD" and I am sold. There are sections on this site for teachers, parents, and kids, which are a great idea since these, are the parties involved in the education of the child daily. The website is offered in Spanish to assist Spanish-speaking parents and English language Learners (ELL). News articles related to LD, ADHD, and the education of students with both of these disabilities are available on the site. One thing that interested me was that resources and advice were offered not in just one area but in all content areas.

Teachers Helping Teachers
A teacher’s site designed by teachers for teachers, I found this site quite interesting. For teachers by teachers consist of lesson plans from all different disciplines even special education. Teachers from grades k-12 may access this site for support. All teachers may contribute to the site, in fact the site asks for contributions of lesson planes. The best part about this site is everything is free. Book reviews, topics of the week, stress reductions exercises, and ideals on the best way to present new materials to students are examples of the valuable information that can be found on this site.

Classroom Resources to Help Exceptional Children
This is a website that allows you to choose what disability your student has (autism, ADHD, special education) and give you all types of information that will assist you in helping them. It has topics such as activities, behavioral assessment sheets, teacher tools, free eBooks and so much more. It also has on-line practice modules for the students.

Assistive Technology
This website has a resource link that will allow you to download free programs that will be useful in the classroom. There are programs that allow you to text to speech and turn words into MP3, there is an online & off line dictionary available, and so much more. I’m sure the students would enjoy it.

The Teacher’s Corner
Here you will find free pintables and more. This site has links to just about everything a teacher could need even a job. Yes, this site can put a teacher in touch with jobs all over the country. It has bulletin boards, thematic lesson plans, and seasonal lesson plans ranging from K-12th grade.

Digital teaching tools, lessons plans, grade keepers, interactive worksheets and many other examples of ways to eliminate much of the paperwork evolved in teaching. This site is free and relatively easy to set into place. Through this site, you can borrow information from other teachers as well as lend your ideals to other teachers. Hotchalk works in collaboration with McGraw Hill and NBC News to develop and establish their site.
This cool site has its own secret code machine. Students are able to generate secret codes and share them with their friends. Students are encouraged to use email to communicate with pen pals.

Sites For Teachers
This site there are 26 pages of teacher websites. The sites are given a number based on the popularity of the site among teachers. Each site listed has a brief description of each sites benefit.


Jump Into A Healthy Life
On this website, students can learn about the importance and benefits of exercises. It pays particular attention to the heart and the circulatory system. It has facts about the body, has quizzes and word puzzles. There is not too much information on this site to over whelm anyone, which makes it very user friendly. It also gives more links to explore other ways to live a healthy life.

Health Fun for Kids
This is a great website for students to find out about how to deal with their feelings, staying healthy, to learning how their body works. There are fun interactive games, quizzes, and short movies they can watch. The website even stays current with the hottest athletes and stars. If the students do not know a word the website has a word glossary they can go to. Once they are comfortable with the words, they can take the spelling bee. Spanish speaking students too can use this website; it has articles and movies in Spanish. It is best suited for intermediate through middle school aged kids.  In addition, good for high school age students with learning or mental disabilities.

Language Arts
This site provides activities and learning experiences for ESL (English as a Second Language) students. This would be a beneficial site on which to allow ESL students access. It would also be a good resource for teachers to pull out or print out activities. The activities this website offers include crossword puzzles, podcasts, vocabulary quizzes, mad libs, sentence generators, and much more. These can assist a student in learning English and its uses.

Fun Brain
This site will keep student’s teachers, parents, and teachers busy for hours! It includes games to sharpen your math and language arts skills. This interactive site is short to produce smiles all the while making learning fun.

Just Choices
Just Choices is designed to stimulate analytical thinking and reasoning. This site is obviously for middle and high school students because of the somewhat sensitive nature of some of the activities.

Middle School English
A must have site for Middle school language arts teachers. Created by teachers from a local Tennessee school system this site is highly qualified. Here is a multitude of information readily accessible and ready for use.

School House Rock-Grammar
This website is an all-time favorite for all. It will never get old. Students can click on the subject they are learning about (i.e. conjunctions), hear, and see the video about conjunctions (Students will need to click on the YouTube link). This will help reinforce what is taught in the classroom. This website can be used for intermediate elementary and middle school students. This will help students that are visual and auditory learners. For Teachers, the website gives the words that you print.


National Laboratory of Virtual Manipulative
This site allows students to learn a multitude of math skills while using math manipulative. The best part is there are no blocks to hand out; the blocks are all on the computer screen. Students are allowed to work independently minus embarrassment of getting the wrong answer.

Math League Help
This site offers addition help for students who need a little more culturing of the skill. Students may come to this site independently to research their own topic of information.

Web Math
This site helps reinforce math skills for any k-12th grade students. This site is dynamic in the depth of available information found on this site. The Discovery Channel also powers the site.

The Math Page
This website provides students who are taking algebra to review and learn different aspects of algebra. The site breaks down algebra into subtopics. Under each subtopic there is an explanation about how to do the certain topic as well as multiple questions that the kids can answer.  This site is unique because when you are solving the questions they are covered up with a pink strip, but when you want to see the answer, you just put your mouse curser over the pink strip to reveal the correct answer. This is a great site to help students practice their skills.

NCES Kids' Zone
This website has different activities for graphs, comparing, and probability. Alicia and I are using the graph portion of the website for our lesson plan.

Math Glossary
A very cute website that can be used for grades K-6 to help students understand math definitions. Each entry has a picture or animation to help the students visually see what is being described to them. Great for those students who may need another way of having something explained to them.

Math Webquest
The following webquest seems like a fun activity that uses authentic resources. Students learn to budget while on a trip in another country. This webquest lesson is designed for 6th graders, but I think that it can be adapted for diverse learners.

Math Webquest

1st Grade Math
This webquest is great for both students and teachers. The webquest gives a lesson on teaching addition and subtraction using posters. This webquest is good for special education students because the poster is done in pairs. The students are matched in varying ability so lower functioning students can learn from higher functioning. The directions are great for the teacher and student and the format is easy to read.


World of Independence
This site gives information about how the World of Independence Company aids in providing handicap accessible vehicles equipped with lifts, ramps, and/or specialized gas pedals and how they work in conjunction with medical insurance. In short, how this company specifically, helps those who are less mobile to become mobile.

East Tennessee Technology Access Center
This website provides resources to parents, general caretakers, therapists, and teachers on technologies and types of equipment that help people with disabilities accomplish everyday tasks on their own. This is a company based in Knoxville and works with many of the surrounding counties as well.

Spina Bifida Association
This site provides information on support groups for families and patients alike and gives helpful facts about Spina Bifida to those who need them. It will help you to grow an understanding of what it is, and information on ways to improve the lives of individuals coping with this disability.

National Council for Support of Disability Issues
Visit this site for fun games and activities for students with and without disabilities. This site offers information on famous people with disabilities such actors and composers. This is a great site to help show students that they are not alone in their disabilities and for typical students this site allows them to see the world through the eyes of their classmates who have disabilities.


This website is very useful in that it explains the basics of reading as well as the components necessary to read successfully. It goes into what happens when a child has a deficiency in each of the components plus strategies to alleviate these problems. The most interesting part of this website is that it allows adults to experience what it is like to have difficulties reading. This allows teachers and parents to understand the experience and struggle of their student or child and then find ways to work with them. The site also offers strategies and methods to work with a child with a language-based disability.

Starfall is an interactive reading site for students’ grades pre-k through 3rd grade. The sites enhance the mastery of phonics, word recognition, letter sounds and letter recognition. On this site students are able to read short easy to read stories plenty of animation and the continuous use of sight words. The website does list a complete list of contact information. A person may also send feedback to the site managers if the need arise.

Read Write Think
Read write think is a site geared towards reading and language arts teachers. Learning language, learning about language and learning through language are three approaches the websites takes to teach language arts. Lesson plans, more websites, teacher resources, student resources and state standards may all be accessed through this site.

PBS: Between the Lions

This site is awesome for students who are deaf or hard of hearing as well as students with learning disabilities. It is an interactive site for the students that let them hear and see the stories (nine different stories) and play games from the stories too. Teachers can use their curriculum index to help the students with their phonological awareness. This site is mostly geared for early elementary but students in upper elementary or students with MR can benefit from this site also.


Fema for Kids
This is a great sight for students to find out about natural disasters. Within this website students can read stories about children their ages that has experienced a natural disaster. It also provides an area for anyone who has experienced a natural disaster to share their stories. There are all kinds of activities for them to do as well such as crosswords puzzle, quizzes, and memory games.

Solar System
This interactive site allows students to independently navigate through the site with little assistance. A wealth of knowledge is condensed into this site, but beware the links do not work. You must use the forward and backwards errors to reach the various pages.

Biology In Motion
This great interactive site allows students to learn biology through entertaining cartoons and informative videos. I think students will find this site to be a less intimidating way to learn biology.

Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel is a great place for news on science and technology. This site does changes daily and must be previewed prior to use. The expedition’s page is one page k-6th grade students will enjoy.

Learning about science can be fun! This site is run by a famous science museum in San Francisco. The information appears to be legitimate and overflowing with interesting science facts.

Bill Nye The Science Guy
Bill Nye The Science Guy. He is a scientist, he is crazy, and he has his own TV show. Cool! Be careful doing the home demos. You may want to encourage your student not to try the activities at home only at school. This is a Disney Educational Product designed to encourage students to use higher order thinking. The Bill Nye Science Guy show comes on the Disney channel weekly. If your students are interested in science they may already be a fan of Bill’s.

Marc's Observatory
Young Harry Potter fans will love this website. It takes the students on an interactive journey about the different constellations that have names from the Harry Potter Series.  This website helps the students learn about the different phases of the moon, what phase it is in now, the Milky Way, and other interesting space facts.

Hippo Campus
This site is an online textbook for biology. What makes this site great is that it is not in text, but it is through a video that tells you what is going on. It also gives you a visual about what is going on. This is great for students who are more visual learners, or have a reading disorder.

Internet for Classrooms
This is another great interactive site to teach biology. This Site would be a great site for a teacher to use to teach a lesson in the classroom. It provides interactive sites that help students prepare for their Biology Gateway exams.

Health & PE
This is a great site for Health / Wellness / Physical Education lessons. I use this site quite frequently in my classroom. It has great activities and lesson plans that are readily assessable to everyone. Best of all this is a free site.

Dr. Carlson's Science Theatre
Hey gang here is a science podcast that I have found to be great with my ED students. This is a site of short science video experiments that can be performed in the classroom. This person does a great job of explaining what he is doing and how it relates to science. He is somewhat corny which I think makes it interesting. If you use iTunes, you can do a podcast search for Dr. Carlson's Science Theatre and subscribe from there. It is free and I think a very useful tool.

Teacher Vision
This website is great for both special Ed and general Ed teachers. It provides lesson plans, classroom management, professional development and many more links that are helpful in the classroom. The webpage is easy to navigate and has a wonderful science section. Once you click on science you can pick the grade and topic you need.  The page gives you information on the topic you are going to teach along with a lesson plan. This website is great for any subject and is not limited to science.

Curious George- Cows Don't Quack
This website is a fun interactive way to teach young students the differences between different animal sounds. As the child progresses through the levels, they become more difficult. In addition, they introduce several animal sounds. A little difficult to figure out at first but once the students get the hang of it, it is very easy to navigate and great practice for special needs students who have difficulty with processing sounds.

Search Engine for Students

Kids Yahoo
This search engine is designed for children. The webpage is colorful and kid friendly. At the top of the page, it has different links that will narrow down what you are looking for.

Search Engine for Teachers

Enabling Devices
This website gives a catalog of assistive technology that can be used in the classroom for special needs students.

Do 2 Learn
This website has different activity resources downloadable for teachers and students.

Pics 4 Learning
This website has copyright free images for teachers.

Social Studies

This site consists of webcams that have been strategically placed through several different animals refuges throughout Africa. Your class can go to this site and see real time photos of animals they may never get the chance to see. It also allows you to take a snap shot of certain cam views and place your snapshot on the website for others to see. Your class can respond also to a blog. I find myself spending hours watching and waiting at this site.

This website has short paragraphs about different places in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America. Great if you want the students to go on a webquest to find answers to a worksheet or complete a report.

Leonardo Home Page
Here is a website link to the Leonardo Home Page. This site is a great site to study and learn about Leonardo DaVinci. It discusses all his works and inventions. Best of all it is an interactive site.

Special Education Links

Special Education News
This sight is great for families and educators who are interested in special Education and students with disabilities. Here you can learn about specific disabilities and behavior management plans. For parents with young children an early intervention link has great advice on what to do if your young child has special needs. This webpage is slightly dated and some pages are under construction but otherwise it is very helpful.

U.S. Department of Education
I am not sure if this is of interest to everyone, but I am very interested in getting some of my student loans forgiven. I think in some instances special education teachers can have up to 17,500 forgiven. The above web page is a searchable directory. You can go state by state to find low income schools that will qualify for the Department of Education loan repayment plan.
I really like the work being done in these schools. Students are learning hands-on about their environment, pollution, and waste management. Concepts and topics that seem huge can be very personal when incorporated into the school setting. These students and school staff are making a difference in their community through a change in behavior and practices. I think that this is a good example for schools across the nation. In addition, this is a public school! This is possible for many schools with a little additional effort.

Disability Webquest
The following is an easy to use research tool about disabilities. The webquest has three purposes.

1. To help you learn about specific types of special needs and the educational implications of these needs.
2. To experience project-based learning while completing an authentic task. The project is a presentation and the authentic task is exploring the resources and means of researching a disability.
3 To introduce you to Web Quests, a method of supporting and directing student research and participation in project-based learning.