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Music Education

Band Eclectic

Music for All
Music for All is the organization that monitors, organizes, and maintains regional and national concert and marching band competitions throughout the United States (Bands of America falls under the Music for All umbrellas). Their website provides information concerning entering area competitions and getting involved in organizational activities. There are also resources for students and blogs available. Music educators who are interested in entering Bands of America competitions should become familiar with this website.

Band Instrument Repair and Maintenance

This is the website of the professional band instrument repair technicians. It represents a thorough and reliable resource for band instrument repair and maintenance information. Anyone can become a member of PROBIRT for an annual fee, but membership is not required to access the information, which is primarily contained in articles and videos. I would highly recommend exploration of this site if you plan on teaching.

Brass Resources

Brass Fingering Guide
This website contains fingering charts for trumpet, trombone, horn, euphonium (baritone), and tuba.

Essentials of Music

Essentials of Music
The Essentials of Music website provides a glossary with over 200 musical definitions, overviews of the six main periods in music history, and brief biographies of 70 composers. This website would be helpful for completing reports, studying for exams, and learning more about our journey through music!

Flute History

Flute History 
This websites offers an excellent resource to flutists of any age, including sheet music, recordings, timelines, opportunities to buy music, access to makers and models of instruments, and a detailed history of the progression of the flute, this website provides necessary information about the basics of the flute which all flute players should know and understand. This website would be excellent for use in private lessons.


John Coltrane
This is a tribute page dedicated to this highly influential and genius saxophonist. The site functions as a "go-to" page for accurate and scholarly biographical information available from, links to to purchase Coltrane's majo ralbums, and a link to Coltrane's sessionography. This page features well-designed media capabilities with high quality audio that is embedded into the page, requiring no external navigation. Also included is a photo gallery, which makes effective use of representing, interpreting, and organizing the website.

Michael Furstner's Jazclass
A highly regarded and credited website in the field of jazz education, here the user will find the most comprehensive and diverse selection of free classes available on the web. I would recommend this website with some reservation for the reason that if I was sending a student to this website to focus on a particular topic, I would have to be very specific on where they needed to go. The website is designed in a way that it is difficult find certain topics right away, and the decorative images are distracting while navigating the page.

Jazz Drummers  

Jazz Drummers
If you are interested in drum set playing, this website will be great for you. It lists over a hundred of the best drummers and their biographies. It also includes video clips, listening recordings, and pictures of the famous drummers. This website also includes links of drum clinics, news dates of some of the drum tours going on, and more video clips.

The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra website may be informative to families and students in the Knoxville area that are interested in attending a live symphony performance. You can find information regarding orchestra members, guest artists, and upcoming concerts.

Marching Band / Drum Corps

Drum Corps International
This is the official website of Drum Corps International, the premier organization for drum and bugle corps worldwide. This is a valuable resource if you are searching for information about the organization, individual drum corps, scores, etc. Audio recordings and other merchandise can be purchased here.
This website serves as an excellent resource for any people involved in marching band including, members of high school or college bands, band directors, Color Guard and Winter Guard members and instructors, and percussionists. It offers external links to worthy websites, which provide accessories to marching bands, equipment, uniforms, instruments, etc. It also includes a directory of band websites from all across the country. If you are searching for information about today's marching band, this is a great website.

Middle School Music Education

In A Nation of Immigrants
In this webquest, students will relate the story of how a family from another country came to live in America. The family they discuss may be their own family, the family of someone they know, or even a family they make up. The family may have come from any country, and come to America in any number of ways. Every family's story is different. While on this journey, they will use any number. Their task will be to tell the story of the family in the form of a multimedia presentation. You can include words, pictures, movies, audio files, music, and art - whatever you think will best tell the story of a family that has moved to America. The beauty of this webquest is its relevance to many subjects. A teacher can modify the assignment to fit their purposes. With music for example, I would ask the students to tell the story of their family using different songs that describe the journey.

Music Education Magic
The following is a web site I found that had an array of tools for teachers and students alike. It is called Music Education Magic. I found this site while searching for a one-stop site those students could use when researching musical composers. When I got to the site, I found there were many tools such as music theory worksheets, free sheet music, articles, a music education blog, as well as an index of musical composers. Overall, I found this to be an extremely helpful website for the music educator.

Data Dragon
This is another website that would be a wonderful addition to any middle school music classroom as well as elementary. The Data Dragon website has a tool for learning the different instruments of the orchestra. Each instrument is listed with a picture and an excellent description. There is a page labeled "How to read music" that is wonderful. It has tutorials on the different notes, note values, time signatures, key signatures, rests, signs, and shapes. It also has a tutorial on counting rhythmic values. There is a very neat page labeled "This day in music" which gives several musical points of interest in history. This could be a neat way to start class or build a bulletin board. There is a musical genre page, as well as a message board for musical questions. There are some neat possibilities with this site, not only with the students but for the teacher as well.

Play Music
This website takes the student on a self-guided tour through the instruments of the orchestra. It has clips from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra members giving brief interviews encouraging students to engage and pursue music in their lives. I found it to be very interactive and very easy to navigate from one page to another. It is colorful and informational and could be used to complete a handout, puzzle, group project on orchestral instruments, or the orchestra in general. It also has links that play clips of famous composer's works, such as Mahler's Symphony No. 1. Students and teachers can use this.

Arts Alive
This is a website called Arts Alive. This website has tons of information on including an activities site that allows children to play games and do activities that music related. It has matching games where you are matching the instruments, name those instrument games where the instrument is played on a sound clip and student picks the correct instrument listed. The games are highly interactive and educational and offer a twist on learning about music from a book or listening to a teacher. There is a place where the student can compose a couple measures of music. This could be used to demonstrate their knowledge of a scale, an arpeggio, a leap, and a step in music. This site can be used by any age, but very appropriate for upper level elementary and middle school students.

Choral music public domain
The following website is a choral music public domain website. I have discovered this site to be wonderful is finding good sight-reading material. When middle school students are forced to use sight-reading books it can feel like drudgery. If kids feel like they are using actual pieces of music rather than a text book, they are more apt to make music rather than going through the motions. There are many wonderful four-part harmony pieces on this site, and the best part is they are free!!! Simply go online, print off enough for you class, and you are on your way. Check it out! is a K-8 site that is a search engine and provides links to cool sites that kids can use for research or activities in the classroom. Some links include the Smithsonian, Library of Congress, and the National Museum of History.

Music Games 

Kid's Music
This website is great for students to learn and practice music. They offer ear training, identifying notes, some music history and playing the drums all in one! This website can be used by grades 3-8; however, grades 9-12 can use it as a self-assessment tool. There are recording devices and compositional outlets that high school students might be interested in.

Music Tech Teacher
This website offers hundreds of music quizzes over topics ranging from theory to instrument families to rhythms to instrument sounds. These quizzes are flash games and interactive. They offer the student a chance to study music in a fun and entertaining way while simultaneously learning complex concepts and ideas. There are also printable versions of some of the games, which could be used as handouts in the classroom or just for fun. This website could easily be implemented in the classroom and could be used in groups, pairs, or by single students at a time.

Music Games
Classics for Kids are a great tool for teaching and having students learn more about music. It offers music composition, note naming games, and understanding rhythms. It also lists composers by country, time, and timeline. This is great for students age 6-10 and can used for middle school students who do not already know general music information.

Music History

Music Notes
Music Notes is a website sponsored by Sony Entertainment and Norton Publishing that contains some easy-to-access historical information. It represents a reliable source for reference, but be aware that subtle advertising is included, especially for Sony-published audio recordings. However, because of the quality of information, I would recommend the use of this site with little reservation.
This is an autonomous website with no company affiliation that I can identify. It represents an online resource focused on baroque music, and it features biographies for many composers of the day. This website also includes interesting information regarding baroque instruments, especially Silbermann organs and lute-harpsichords. Some sample recordings of the composers' music can also be found at the bottom of many of their biographies.

Music Listening

Freeplay music
A free network synchronization tool that offers a vast library of music genres, styles, and feels that are available for free download. This site features a unique technology approach using the VLC media player, which is a free cross-platform (windows and Mac OS), supports multiple audio formats, and lives streaming audio capabilities. Each song that a user selects, there is an option to download the full version, and depending on the length of the recording, a 60, 30, 20, or 10 second clip of the song. This site would be a great resource for aspiring musicians/composers to expose themselves to the many genres and styles of music. This site is unique in that the recordings are submitted by a vast network of composers and musicians who play either real or synthesized instruments and the composers retain all rights to their music and are played royalties for every play from Broadcast music, Inc. (BMI)and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP).

Music Theory  

Good Ear- Online Ear Training
Here the user will find interactive exercises that will help strengthen their aural recognition by identifying intervals, chord qualities (major or minor, as well as an exercise to practice the upper extensions of chords called jazz chords), scales. This is a website designed purely for function, and features no images or advertisements.

Music Tech Teacher
This is a great website for beginner and intermediate level musicians. Three main columns list music information, quizzes piano, and quizzes rhythm that will help students advance to the next level of knowledge in music. This is an essential needs website that is quick and easy to use to help students remember what musical terms and signs are, music history, basic theory like scales, intervals, and note identification. This is absolutely a great resource to have student use and challenge their musical knowledge.

Children's Music Workshop
This website offers a myriad of exercises, tests, and opportunities for beginner musicians up to intermediate/advanced musicians. Beginning with lessons as simple as explaining a staff, this website offers explanations about many different levels of music theory including, note identification, scale formation and identification, chord formation and identification, interval identification, and specific compositional techniques. Furthermore, this site offers "trainers", interactive games and exercises, to help reinforce the skills learned in the lessons. This site also provides utilities, which put the information learned to use, such as a chord calculator, staff paper generator, and matrix generator, all of which delve into upper level skills of music theory. Also offered are job opportunities, a store to buy music and/or instruments and instrument accessories, external links to other music websites, resources for studying, and links to advocacy websites, which support the continuation and importance of Music Education. This website would serve as an excellent tool in the classroom and as an invaluable source of reference musicians of all levels.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
Check out the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp website for students who are involved in the arts. This is a summer camp in Michigan where music students may participate in orchestras, ensemble playing, attend faculty concerts, and study privately. There is also an International Youth Symphony Orchestra that travels overseas during the summer. If a student is interested in attending a summer camp for further instruction and involvement in music outside of the school year, this site may be helpful.

Play Music

Play Music
Play Music is a fun, interactive website that students will enjoy! This website provides students with information about the orchestra, the instruments found in an orchestra, and the typical seating formation. There are also interviews with young performers and composers and links to other fun music websites!

Percussion Resources

Percussive Arts Society
PAS is one of the most influential voices in the development of classical, world, and modern percussion performance techniques, education, and literature. Here you will find many useful links to resources that will help familiarize you with the percussion world.

Vic Firth
Vic Firth produces products for both marching percussion and modern drum set. On this page, you will find interactive videos and learning tools to help you assess your current abilities, and to give you an idea of what some other players are currently doing.

Vocal Music
The following website is my most recent discovery. A couple of weeks ago a gentleman by the name of David Jones visited UT's music school and conducted a master class with several of the graduate vocal performance majors. It was by far the most helpful and profound master class I have ever seen, and I have seen a few. I learned he had a website and immediately went to check it out. The useful part of this site is the section-listed articles. He has written a long list of articles tackling just about every vocal hurdle you can imagine. This is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to lead vocal students whether through a private studio, church choir, or high and middle school choirs.

San Francisco Symphony Kids

San Francisco Symphony Kids
Check out the San Francisco Symphony Kids website! This website provides information about the orchestra and musical tempos, allow students to compose their own music, and listen to many different selections of classical music. Students may find this interactive website informative and fun!