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Math Education

Advanced Mathematics
This site is basically an on-line textbook that contains information on a multitude of topics ranging from basic statistics to process analysis. There are no interactive problems however there are numerous hyperlinks to definitions and good figures that graphically display concepts. If you want to see real applications of statistics this is a good site to peruse.

Abstract Algebra
This site is on Abstract Algebra, which happens to be my favorite subject. It has many definitions of the basic terms like groups, rings, fields etc. It looks perfect for refreshing your memory or for even learning the subject for the first time. You will have to become familiar with the notation used by the author, but that is common in any advanced math subject.


Calculating a Car Payment
This website is great for students in grades 9-12. It is used to calculate the monthly payment for a vehicle with different interest rates. Students will need to have knowledge of complex fractions and large exponents. Students will also need to have access to the Internet and a simple scientific calculator.

This website is helpful to both teachers and students grades 9-12. It has listed links to topics in algebra, and it also has several different online calculators. Teachers will find sample worksheets in particular topics that they can use in lesson planning, or they could use this website for a class activity, utilizing its resources

AAA Math
This site contains numerous interactive lessons with immediate feedback. Most of the lessons are for Algebra but it also contains activities for geometry and statistics. This site can be used with students in middle school and can also be viewed in Spanish.

Learn Math Visually
This website has lessons, practice exercises and games. Although it does not use diagrams, it uses graphics very well to help students visualize what they are learning in the abstract. It ranges from pre-algebra to elementary algebra. It is also good for different kinds of learners because words are written and read out loud on the website, so students with visual or auditory impairments can both learn from the site.

Algebra I

This site is focused on homework help. It not only shows the solutions to problems but attempts to explain why the solutions are what they are. It has various levels of help and even a solver for those really complex problems.
This site does not divide Algebra by level (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, etc.) but it does provide lesson by topic within Algebra such as equations, simplifying, factoring, etc. There is also assistance with Calculators and some worksheets are provided.

Purplemath's algebra lessons are written with the student in mind. These lessons emphasize the practicalities rather than the technicalities, demonstrating dependable techniques, warning of likely "trick" questions, and pointing out common mistakes.

Solving Linear Equations
Solving Linear Equations is a beginning tutorial site that explains the basics to solve linear equations. There is no graphing involved on this specific page but several forms of the equation are provided in terms of distributive property, properties of equality and identities.

Quadratic Equations
Here is a short tutorial on quadratic equations. This site explains the components of a quadratic and how to graph one in simple terms

Cool Math
This site has algebra lessons with detailed notes and examples, with interactive games as well.

Glencoe Math
This site has many online study tools such as practice tests, study guides, and practice quizzes.

Algebra II
This site does not divide Algebra by level (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, etc.) but it does provide lesson by topic within Algebra such as equations, simplifying, factoring, etc. There is also assistance with Calculators and some worksheets are provided.

Grapher Tool
This site is a reasonably good equation grapher. It allows you to graph up to five equations at once and thereby change parameters to view how the graph changes or how lines interact. The equations can be trigonometric and algebraic. It also lets you change the scale of the grid in terms of x min and y min. The biggest drawback is that it requires equations in function notation.

Math Is Fun
This is a general math site but has a good section on Algebra II topics. Items for students include explanations of topics, animations in explaining processes and calculation programs for various computations (ex: quadratic equation solver). Topics range from basic concepts (linear equations, exponents) to advanced concepts such as logarithmic expressions, quadratics, and sequences.

Math Bits for Algebra II
Detailed explanation of procedures for using TI-83 and TI-84 calculators in Algebra II calculations. This website has additional TI tips as well as computer programming information.

Manipula Math Applets for Conics
Interactive program where students have the opportunity to manipulate conic sections in order to visually explore the concepts of foci in parabolas, hyperbolas, and ellipses.


Visual Calculus
This is a very useful and comprehensive site for the beginner calculus student. It contains modules in Java and Flash that range from pre-calculus through sequences and series. It is particularly helpful because it leads you step-by-step through difficult concepts and provides interactive examples that improve comprehension. A very useful site.

Karl's Calculus Tutor
This site provides probably all the information a first year calculus student would need to help improve understanding of calculus. It contains detailed descriptions of derivative and integral calculus with links back to previous areas that aid in understanding each topic. There are also "mid-terms" to test the student's understanding. Some special interest topics included as options are: Proof of The Extreme Value Theorem; Proof of The Intermediate Value Theorem; and Einstein's Formula. This is a truly helpful site I wish existed when I took calculus.

Calculus Online Workbook
This workbook can be used as supplemental material for teaching Calculus. It has wonderful example problems for all stages of Calculus. There are also pre-test and post-test with each chapter. Students can use this as preliminary material to learning in class or it can be used to reiterate the information given in class. Students can work through problems and discuss the processes as a group or as a class.

The Calculus Page
The Calculus Page is a resource for calculus students and instructors. It includes calculus problems with solutions, tips about studying for exams, and even sample exams. Also, there are plenty of links to other great calculus websites.

Calculus Made Easier
This site touches on all topics in calculus and helps you get a better understanding of these concepts.

A Lesson on Induction
This website is a podcast on induction that goes through the steps of proving a theorem by induction. It could be used with upper level high school students, or possibly in an advanced geometry class.

The Integrator
This website is an integral calculator. Students could use this to check their answers when they begin integrating functions in calculus or advanced calculus.

Fun Math Activities

Fun Math Games and Lessons for Kids
This website has all different links for lessons on addition, subtraction, fractions and decimals all the way through pre-algebra. It also has many different games. It is fun to look at and would definitely spark children's interest.


Interactive Geometry
This site takes many concepts of geometry and makes them interactive. However, it also takes concepts from algebra, probability, measurements, and number operations and makes them interactive. Great site for grades 6-8.

Math Open Reference
This site covers different types of Geometry including plane, coordinate, and solid. It was constructed by a software designer from Silicon Valley. It is described as a reference for both educators and students and looks to move beyond the standard Geometry textbook. A Java plug-in is required to run the site. It can be used on a SmartBoard as well as just using it on a desktop or laptop computer. Many of the pages rely on click and drag interface, but does allow the student to discover the concept as opposed to reading it in a book, or simply trying to memorize rules.

Euclid’s Elements
When it comes to Geometry, it doesn’t get any more fundamental than this book. It was the Geometry text book for a couple of millennia and the Clay Institute of Mathematics have provided all 13 books digitally. There is the useful side-by-side translation page with links that take one to the pertinent postulate, theorem, or definition. Also, you can look at and zoom in on a digital replication of the actual text. It is difficult to find this text in print with all 13 books together, much less to get enough for a whole class.

Geometry in the Real World
This is a great reference to geometry in the real world. It is brought to you by Quickie Math. It provides students with applications of geometric shapes in modern day architecture and vehicles. Students will be able to see a concrete example for abstract ideas. They will be able to see how people in real professions apply basic concepts from the high school classroom.

Learning Geometry
This is a website designed for both students and teachers who need additional help or resources to teach or learn geometry. It is divided up into sections according to subject. Each section is broken into subsections that contain instruction, example problems with solutions, interactive problems, and videos. In addition, it also provides insight on how to teach various subjects and hands on materials that can be used to help students learn. In my opinion this site could be used as a valuable tool in the computer lab to help students better learn the material and become more familiar with technology. I believe it could also be a valuable second resource for the geometry teacher to draw from.

Geometry, Geometry!
This site provides crucial definitions to geometric terms. Feel free to explore in order to get a better understanding of these terms.

General Mathematics

Cool Math is the site for all students and teachers. There are tons of games for all levels of math. Reference materials for trigonometry and pre-calculus as well as an online math dictionary. Students can go to this site to reiterate things that were taught in class and for reviews before tests.

Mathbits is devoted to offering fun, yet challenging, lessons and activities in high school (and college level) mathematics and computer programming for students and teachers. Students can visit the site and play games, use tutorials, or print off worksheets. This could be used to reiterate lessons for students or to introduce topics to students

Math Baseball
The site has games and information for all subjects. The math site is focused on math baseball which makes reviewing arithmetic fun and easy. Students can visit this site to keep their basic arithmetic skills up to par. Although, this is not course specific. It is a great site for keeping your skills sharp.

The Math Forum @ Drexel University
The Math Forum is a great resource for improving math learning, teaching, and communication. Established in 1992, it uses a collaborative effort between mathematicians, researchers, teachers, students, and parents to learn math and improve math education.

Math Help & Learning Resources
A help and learning resources site for parents, teachers, and other educators. There are loads of materials for teaching and learning. Find interesting and fun stuff to help your kids or students enjoy and appreciate learning math.

Millennium Prize Problems
These are the problems which, when solved, nets a $1 million prize. They are fun to look at and consider and the histories of each one is provided (only Riemann’s Hypothesis remains from the last century). It can be used to show that there is money in this little trade we call math (and I have found that it works especially well in conjunction with Numb3rs Season 1 episode called “Prime Suspect”). Other episodes allude to p vs. np as well.


AplusMath has many games that you can play to help with basic number skills like adding and subtracting. There are also some games that teach math concepts. (Posted by: John Lewis)

Cool Math Sites
This site is a huge collection of helps and some pretty cool games that make you think a bit. There is a lot of information here, so it may take a few minutes to find what you want. (Posted by: John Lewis)

S.O.S Mathematics
Just like the name implies, this is a place for help. It contains review information and practice for all the subjects you will be covering in math. It may take a minute to find your way around the site, but it is a great place to get some extra practice.

Math Goodies
The math goodies website has information on all types of math. They have interactive lessons ideal for students of all ages and abilities. Math Goodies is a free math help site that launched in 1998. Math Goodies was a pioneer of interactive math instruction and free math homework help. They have over 500 pages of activities. Each math tutorial can be used at your own pace.

Cool Math
This site is good for all ages. Anyone who is looking to refine or sharpen their basic math skills should look into this site. It is also a good resource for teachers that are teaching lower level mathematics generally focused on arithmetic and higher skilled arithmetic. There is an assortment of math games along with several different practice tools for students that need to practice math skills. For teachers, there are math lessons, problems, dictionaries, and other useful references.

Math Baseball
This site can serve as a math game for a range of abilities and skill levels and has the ability to be played in a one or two player mode. It is set up much like the game of baseball, where a correct answer results in a hit and an incorrect answer results in an out. Depending on the difficulty of the problem, a correct answer could result in a single, double, triple, or home run. The game is over after three outs. There are four difficulty settings: easy, medium, hard, and super brain. The user has the option to control what types of problems he or she receives. He or she can choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or all of the above. There is also a feature that allows the user to have the questions presented in an algebraic format. This feature would be very beneficial for the transition into more the abstract thinking that comes with algebra.

Math Playground
This site provides a variety of math games that help to strengthen many different math skills. The games are appropriate for all ages and focus on topics such as basic math operations, algebra, percent, geometry, and money. The site also includes math word problems, logic puzzles, and math videos.

Help & Learning Resources  

Education Atlas
This site contains a wealth of information about studying along with practical tips. It is presented in an easy to follow manner.

Study Guides and Strategies
Containing study tips for any type of class you might have, this site is a store house of skills. Here you will find inventories to determine how your student studies best and practical advice on what to do next.

S.O.S Mathematics
This site is particularly useful for students who are in need of a helpful resource in their algebra, trigonometry, or calculus course. It outlines some of the more significant aspects of the three courses as well as providing a few examples of solving practice problems in those courses. This site might also be helpful for teachers that are in need of some review before teaching particular lessons. The material on this website is broken down into simple and concise ideas while still hitting all of the necessary points.

American Mathematical Society
This is a link to the American Mathematical Society website. This is probably the top website concerned with the mathematical community. It has resources for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. It gives information regarding mathematics as a profession and is an excellent resource.


The Math Page: Topics in Pre-Calculus
This site looks a little plain, but it contains almost all the material that is covered in a one semester pre-calculus class. It is missing only trigonometry. The site has good explanations of theory, graphical examples, and worked examples. There are some problems with hidden answers that passing your cursor over will reveal. More unworked problems would have made it a great site. Still, it is very informative and helpful and a good place to send a student who needs some help understanding concepts.

Search Tools

Geometry Search Tool
This website allows you to search for definitions that are relative to geometry. It contains definitions for angles, figures, areas, and many other concepts in geometry.

Teacher Resources

Math League
This site revolves around mathematics contests for each grade level. Several contests are sponsored each year. If you are interested in competitive math, this might be a place to start your research.

Los Alamos National Laboratory, this site has thought provoking games, puzzles, and problems. It takes a few minutes to understand the site navigation, and then you will unlock many activities. They range from simple to complex and focus largely on higher-order thinking skills. All activities are connected to NCTM standards.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NCTM is a professional organization for math teachers. This is the site to find the NCTM standards on which most curricula are based. Members have full access; button-members will also find much useful information here.

PBS Teachers
PBS Teachers is a searchable website replete with resources for math and science. It contains many activities, complete with a lesson plans with standards annotated. Some activities use math alone, others relate it to science and other authentic problems.

Tennessee Mathematics Curriculum Standards
This site provides the curriculum standards for every mathematics course taught in the state of Tennessee. The standards pages open as web pages (not .pdf files) and can be viewed in either Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can look at either the K-8 Mathematics by grade or by the high school subject.

Howe-Two Software
Howe-Two Software is software written by a teacher for teachers to aid in confirming students' knowledge and level of understanding of mathematical concepts. Software solutions for mathematical instruction at an affordable price.


Math Goodies
The Math Goodies website is the place to go for find all types of math help. The Trigonometry tutorial is great for introducing the ideas of trig to students. There is also homework help, games, and practice tests for students to continue to learn throughout the lesson.


Geometry in Art, Architecture, and Nature
In this webquest, the student's task is to explore the world around them and find occurrences of certain geometric relationships. Students must be able to use the internet or a digital camera in order to illustrate specific geometric properties. They will then have to-do an analysis of the photographs or images and explain and discuss the geometric relationships and finally they will have to create a PowerPoint presentation to present their findings.

Credit Cards
In this webquest, students will investigate credit cards. They will develop an understanding of terms, how to compare offerings, and how to decide how much of credit line is appropriate. This webquest is a real world example of math concepts.

Sparknotes for Math
This website is the Sparknotes for math site. It's really helpful for teachers and students alike because it gives a brief overview of the different "genres" of math, and it breaks those genres down into specific topics (i.e. planes, spaces, lines). It gives sample math problems for those topics that teachers can use as examples or have their students reference as study material.

Math Blog Resource for Teachers
This website provides advice for integrating technology into lesson plans for mathematics lessons. Teachers can also post to the blog, and there are other subjects available. It includes projects, blogs for students and more.

Take Me Out To the Ball Game WebQuest
This WebQuest works in both IE and Firefox. It uses up-to-date baseball stats to answer the question, “Who is the greatest baseball hitter of all time?” It is incredibly flexible, so if you don’t want to use the pre-made list, you can change it to encompass the players that the teacher, or the student, feels better using. Additionally, you can make the list entirely of players whose careers are completed to allow for full evaluation. This WebQuest is perfectly suited for a Statistics class, but could be used in Algebra as well.

Trilingual Packaging Dilemma
In this WebQuest, students take the role of packaging designers, using only triangles to create a package that meets specific criteria. Students work in teams, but are responsible for their own creation as well. The author recommends a two week time period for this activity, which is too much class time to devote on a block schedule. The reason for the long time scale it the construction phase, so it would make sense to spend one class periods performing the research, another later on for the teams to strategize, and then a third for students to make their presentations.